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Huawei Shapes Industry Cloud with Leading New ICT, Driving Business Reinvention

Aug 31, 2016

[Shanghai, China, August 31, 2016] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2016, Huawei announced a series of new solutions with Accenture, along with the results of its newly conducted research with Forrester on digital transformation across industries.

Creating new opportunities by integrating new ICT into industries

In his keynote speech at HUAWEI CONNECT, Yan Lida, president of Huawei Enterprise BG, said: "The emergence of maturing digital technologies and increasing economies of scale is disrupting many industries around the world. Companies that embrace this disruption and adopt new ICT to drive digital transformation have the opportunity to gain a decisive competitive edge. Industry cloud is a business-driven digital transformation and is beyond the simple combination of cloud and industry; it is the integration of technologies into businesses. Digitized enterprises of the future will be about the production, transmission and analysis of data. It follows that they will require an ICT infrastructure that integrates cloud-pipe-device, and an open, flexible, agile and safe platform to forge close partnerships to develop rich applications and create an innovative, win-win ecosystem, which will drive the digital transformation of enterprises.”

Yan Lida, president of Huawei Enterprise BG, delivers a keynote speech titled “Reinventing Business with Industry Clouds”

Cloud is the future; business ecosystems facilitate cloudification

Huawei and its global strategic partner Accenture issued enterprise cloud solutions together. They jointly provide verified enterprise SAP and Oracle cloud solutions which are based on Huawei FusionCloud solution for global enterprise customers' core applications to provide one-stop service. In the past two years, experts from Huawei and Accenture have worked side by side to develop enterprise cloud solutions to help clients reduce large capital investment in IT and meet flexible and scalable system requirements.

Huawei and Accenture jointly launch Enterprise Cloud Solution

IoT collaboration builds smarter and safer elevators

Data analytics firm Lux Research reported that by 2020, the global Industrial IoT (IIoT) will be worth an estimated US$151 billion. The IIoT includes factory machinery and industrial products, with one typical example being the Internet of Elevators & Escalators (IoEE). At HUAWEI CONNECT 2016, Huawei announced that it would initiate collaboration with a leading global elevator manufacturer, to develop an Elevators Connection Solution that is open, flexible, and scalable. The solution can support the unified connection and management of the elevator supplier’s millions of elevators around the world. IoT technology transmits operational data from the elevators in real time to enable elevator data simulation, achieving preventive maintenance through cloud-based big data analytics. Elevator safety will be significantly enhanced, while the operational cost of the elevators can be greatly reduced.

Mr. Swift Liu, President of Huawei Enterprise Network Product Line, is launching the Huawei Elevators Connection Solution.

In today’s digital world, Huawei is working closely with partners to develop innovative ICT solutions, and helping global customers drive digital transformation and lead the trend. Its continuous focus on customer-centric solutions and strong partnerships is enabling the company to drive industry leadership and growth of its Enterprise Business Group (Enterprise BG).

During the press conference themed “Leading New ICT, Powering Digital Transformation”, Diana Yuan, president of marketing and solutions sales of Huawei Enterprise BG, said: “Huawei Enterprise BG has always been customer-centric, enabling customers to achieve business success and also drives our own strong growth within the BG. Together with more than 400 global partners such as Accenture, SAP, General Electric (GE), T-Systems, Hexagon, Honeywell, Infosys, Siemens and Alston, Huawei is now delivering leading ICT technologies and platforms that integrate cloud-pipe-device, enabling customers to explore new business models and boost their agility and efficiency. To accelerate these shifts, Huawei has established ten interconnected Open Labs around the world to facilitate fast dialogue around business models, market needs, and technology solutions in various markets. We’re proud that our strategy and solutions have won the approval of customers worldwide."

Diana Yuan, president of marketing and solutions sales of Huawei Enterprise BG, delivers a remark at the “Leading New ICT, Powering Digital Transformation” press conference

Huawei Enterprise BG also made several major announcements at HUAWEI CONNECT 2016.

Huawei published a new white paper titled “Business and Technology Leadership in Post-Digital Era”, developed by leading global market research organization Forrester. At the launch, Nigel Fenwick, vice president and principal analyst of Forrester, said: "Enterprises of the future will be technology companies that truly put customers first. Enterprises need a complete transformation of their business models. Enterprise decision-makers need to see that digital business ecosystems will be the drivers of new profit models. Companies will have to make their services more agile with open APIs, continuous innovation, and cloud platforms. Moreover, enterprises will need to build open platforms for cloudification of their core business operations, edge data analysis, and machine insights."

In the fast-changing digital world, Huawei will cooperate extensively with key partners across the globe to solidify a thriving ecosystem, and work closely with its customers to drive digital transformation that meets their specific industry needs while building a better connected world.

HUAWEI CONNECT 2016 is held from August 31-September 2 in Shanghai at the Shanghai Expo Centre, Mercedes-Benz Arena, and Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center (SWEECC). It was attended by over 20,000 industry leaders who discussed how to build a Better Connected World, and how to promote digital transformation in industries. For more information, please go to: