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HUAWEI SmartCare® SOC Solution Offers Digital Customer Care

Jul 18, 2016

Update Improves Operational Efficiency and Increases Utilization of Self-Care Channels

[Shenzhen, China, July 18, 2016] Huawei today announced the release of the Digital Customer Care (DCC) series use cases of its HUAWEI SmartCare® SOC Solution. HUAWEI SmartCare® is an advanced customer experience management (CEM) solution that now helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) become full Digital Service Providers covering all aspects of CEM from front-end to back office operations.

Jacky Zhou, Vice President of Huawei Global Technical Services said, ”The Digital Customer Care (DCC) series use cases help operators to improve utilization of digital self-service channels and improve customer satisfaction. We have worked with various operators where our DCC solution has generated cost savings of up to 30% in customer care OPEX and improved customer satisfaction by 10%. We believe that the DCC solution will be a key enabler for CSP’s digital transformation.”

The latest HUAWEI SmartCare® Solution encompasses a full Service Operations Center (SOC) that delivers a suite of Digital Customer Care (DCC) use cases to help operators provide end users with instant resolution for their service quality issues. The new SmartCare Solution also enables CSPs to handle customer queries or complaints more effectively and efficiently through their self-care or social network channels, minimizing transfer to traditional channels such as call centers and email.

A DCC’s micro-engine provides both online and off-line capability to analyze device data for service connectivity and quality issues arising from devices, users or applications and will suggest corrective action to the end user through a CSP’s self-care application. A DCC Smart Fault Decision Tree uses machine learning to analyze customer complaints and recommends corrective action from its extensive knowledge management system, built from more than 100 deployment projects.

DCC series use cases include:

Enabling effective customer care via a self-care application

A DCC micro-engine component at the back end analyzes device performance data to identify root causes of network connectivity and quality issues arising out of user device, or application settings. The micro-engine then suggests corrective actions to the end user within the self-care application.

A DCC’s micro-engine component at the front-end is integrated with a CSP’s self-care application, providing native diagnostic and recommendation capabilities, even when a device is not connected to the network. A DCC Smart Fault Decision Tree, enabled by per service, per user data, identifies network related root causes and recommends appropriate corrective actions. It then communicates the corrective action to the customer through a simple and easy to understand instruction via a CSP’s self-care application.

Smart Fault Decision Tree is HUAWEI SmartCare®’s automatic troubleshooting and root cause analysis engine which recommends corrective actions from a knowledge management system built upon machine learning and domain knowledge from more than 100 deployment projects.

Enabling effective customer care via social networks

A DCC analyses customer complaint data from a CSP’s social network account and uses the Smart Fault Decision Tree analysis to identify the root-cause and suggest corrective action. In scenarios where root cause analysis is not conclusive, it passes detailed per service, per user data to 3rd line support staff for faster resolution. It also updates the knowledge management system for subsequent faster automatic resolutions.

In order to optimize digital customer care process, HUAWEI SmartCare® DCC provides an automatic trouble ticket creation capability for scenarios where a Smart Fault Decision Tree can’t find a satisfactory resolution. HUAWEI SmartCare® SOC provides certified TM Forum processes for customer care complaint handling and resolution to fully integrate digital customer care into a CSP’s business operations.