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Huawei Promotes All-Cloud Carrier Network during OPNFV Summit 2016

Jun 24, 2016

[Berlin, Germany, June 24, 2016] Huawei gave keynote and showcased its innovative products and solutions at the second Open Platform for Network Functions Virtualization (OPNFV) Summit, held from June 20-23 in Berlin, Germany. As an OPNFV platinum founding member, Huawei showcased its platform of all-cloud carrier network solutions. On the summit, Huawei was awarded for On-time Delivery Award of Compass for Brahmaputra, Successful Inaugural Plugfest Award and Super Hero award by OPNFV community for the continuous and excellent contributions.

During the summit, Forrest Lee, Director of OPNFV’s Open Source Development Team (OSDT) at Huawei, delivered a keynote speech about OPNFV for the all-cloud carrier network, which will focus on how to move from virtualization to full cloudification, and how OPNFV can develop into a full-scale cloud platform. Lee also provided detailed information on Huawei’s plans in OPNFV.

“All-cloud carrier network will take the form of hardware resource pooling, all distributed system and complete automation,” said Lee. “This is a resource that can be widely shared. The system will be highly scalable, elastic and extremely robust. The service deployment and provisioning, resource scheduling and fault management will be policy driven and fully automatic. The OPNFV platform will play a key role in enabling the all-cloud carrier network based on which richer network innovations shall be expected.”

During the OPNFV Summit, Huawei demonstrated five NFV innovations including CloudEPC/CloudIMS, ONOS, OPEN-O, E9000 Server and CloudOpera IES that are targeted for commercial deployment. Parallel to the OPNFV Summit, Huawei also contributed to the ONOS and OPEN-O mini-summit on June 20 and 21

As the founding member and main contributor of OPNFV, Huawei is contributing to multiple important projects including Bottlenecks, Compass4nfv, Yardstick, DoveTail, ONOSFW, Domino, and Opera.

Huawei experts have fulfilled a wide range of important positions such as board member, technical steering committee member and project leader. The company also contributed two OPNFV testing labs to the OPNFV community—one is in Xi’an, China, and the other in Santa Clara, California. Both labs play an important role in OPNFV release development and testing within a sustainable environment.

In the first OPNFV Interoperability Plugfest, held by CableLabs in May, Huawei’s E9000 Converged Infrastructure Blade Server, FusionSphere Cloud Operating System, and CloudEPC were used with ONOSFW. As a key contributor of Functest and Yardstick testing suits in the Plugfest, Huawei shared its testing solutions based on Yardstick and provided technical support throughout the event.

As a leading ICT solution provider, Huawei values open source networking platforms, as it enables collaboration by industry partners and customers. Huawei has been an active player in many open source communities of NFV era. In addition to OPNFV, Huawei is a platinum member of Linux Foundation, a gold member of OpenStack and CloudFoundry, and a founding member of ONOS.