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Leading Experts and Academics Explore the Beauty of Technology at European Huawei Innovation Day

Jun 14, 2016

[Paris, France, June 14, 2016] The 4th European Huawei Innovation Day was held in Paris, France today. The event brings together leading academics, designers, and industry experts from around the world to the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild in the capital city. Participants came together to share their thoughts and to discuss how to integrate technology with aesthetics in order to add more beauty to life. They will focus on topics including Beauty of Technology, A Brief Story of 5G, and the Beauty of Mathematics.

France's Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, Thierry Mandon, and Huawei's Executive Director of the Board and Chief Strategy Marketing Officer, William Xu, attended the event and delivered speeches to the audience. They also unveiled the opening of Huawei's Mathematics Research Center in France.

William Xu, Executive Director of the Board and Chief Strategy Marketing Officer of Huawei, delivered a speech at the 4th European Huawei Innovation Day.

Secretary Mandon said: "The opening of Huawei's Mathematics Research Center in France reflects France's outstanding achievements in mathematics education, and recognizes how our cutting-edge research can be leveraged to meet global ICT challenges."

Xu said, "Supporting the development of various industries with leading ICT infrastructure, will help Europe maintain its global core competitiveness. Huawei continues to drive openness, collaboration, and shared success, create ICT support platforms together with European enterprises, and develop with the European ICT industry." Xu added that Huawei advocates "In Europe, for Europe" during its effort to integrate into and contribute to Europe, and Huawei will share its understanding of and expertise in the ICT industry and integrate into Europe.

In addition to admiring the beauty of technology, we also need the wisdom to discover the beauty and spirit of innovation and evolution. Where does the beauty of technology come from and where is it heading? Dr. Peiying Zhu, a pioneer in global 5G research and Huawei's first female Fellow, will elaborate on the beauty of 5G connectivity during a speech titled "A Brief Story of 5G". Dr. Zhu has over 20 years of experience at the frontier of wireless communications, and holds over 160 US patents.

On June 15, Cédric Villani, a member of the French Academy of Sciences and a Fields Medal winner, will deliver a speech entitled "Beauty of Mathematics". Mr. Villani has been awarded the Fields Medal, described as the "Nobel Prize of Mathematics", for his work on nonlinear Landau damping and convergence to equilibrium for the Boltzmann equation. Darrell M. West, Director of the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution in the US and author of over 20 technology policy books, will also attend the Huawei Innovation Day and share his thoughts on how wireless technology is reshaping our lives.

In addition, executives and industry experts from companies and institutions including Vodafone Group, Orange Group, Intel, KUKA Robotics, Leica Camera AG, and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation of the US, will share views on the latest technology developments in different domains during keynote speeches and panel discussions, all focusing on the theme, the beauty of technology.

A flagship forum of Huawei, the European Huawei Innovation Day is an annual event that aims to create an industry communication platform in Europe. It has been successfully held in Stockholm, Milan, and Munich and, this year, this event is taking place in Paris.

Europe has historically always been an important market for Huawei. The company has 26 centers of expertise around the world, with the majority located in Europe. Huawei has set up 18 R&D centers in Europe, covering areas including: mathematics, aesthetics, microwave, chips, and wireless technologies. Last year, Huawei set up its European Research Institute to coordinate and oversee the activities of its wider R&D facilities across Europe. Huawei has invested 75 million euros in its cooperation with over 100 universities and research institutes, is an active player in the EU's Horizon 2020 program, and has signed over 210 technology partnership agreements. Early this year, Huawei carried out a new round of cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica, and Leica Camera AG to create best practices in joint innovation.