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Huawei Announces Collaboration with Red Hat to Offer Carrier-grade SDN Solutions

Jun 13, 2016

Huawei achieves certification of SDN solution with Red Hat OpenStack Platform

[Beijing, China, June 13, 2016] Huawei announces completion of SDN Agile Controller certification with Red Hat OpenStack Platform 7 at Huawei’s Beijing SDN Open Lab. This marks the first time Huawei’s SDN controller has been certified for interoperability with a mainstream cloud platform. It is an important step for Huawei’s SDN Integration service in building a multi-vendor certification, construct open, cooperative SDN ecosystem.

In future, Huawei plans to continue cooperation with Red Hat to explore customer needs and the direction of development in related fields, while working together to provide customers with the SDN solution.

Red Hat certification experts and Huawei SDN Open Lab experts together

Huawei sees a trend in using SDN technology to promote agile service innovation, achieving multi-vendor integration has become a significant pain point for operators.

Huawei’s SDN integration service is committed to providing customers with an open, decoupled SDN solution. The certification of Huawei’s agile controller operating on a mainstream cloud platform is a key point showcasing the company’s open solution. The certification tests run on Huawei’s SDN controller (Agile Controller version V2R1) and Red Hat’s OpenStack Platform 7), succeeded in over 130 test cases all running automatically via the Red Hat Certification Program. After the certification, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 7’s network module can be fully integrated with Huawei’s Agile Controller L2/L3 function; therefore it can achieve E2E control and management of Huawei’s network device through the Huawei SDN controller.

Red Hat Certification for Huawei

"Our joint effort is one major step towards building open SDN ecosystem," said Mr. Ning Kun, General Manager of SDN Integration Services, Huawei. "As a leader in OpenStack and the open source domain, Red Hat is a major contributor to development in this field. Huawei plans to continue to cooperate with Red Hat and other partners to promote SDN technology development. With these collaborations, we hope to conduct more tests in SDN Open Labs to provide operator-grade SDN-based solutions, and to tackle challenges in network evolution." Mr. Radhesh Balakrishnan, General Manager of OpenStack, Red Hat, Inc., said, "Red Hat OpenStack Platform offers a highly scalable and flexible cloud platform, making it well-suited for SDN deployments. We are pleased to collaborate with Huawei on this SDN Open Labs initiative, helping to highlight our collective work on SDN, and help communications service providers embrace modernization efforts via an open source cloud.”

In future, Huawei and Red Hat plan to jointly involve VAS vendors in more extensive integration of security and load balancing service components with Huawei’s Agile Controller south-bound interface. Red Hat OpenStack Platform 7 and newer versions can provide value-added services lifecycle management and configuration automation service, and further provide rich and convenient value-added services for operators in an open basis.

Huawei actively promotes cooperation in the field of SDN integration services with joint operators, standards organizations, OTT and other industry partners to build SDN ecosystem cooperation, and is committed to provide high quality service with a powerful combination, and promote SDN industrial maturity.

Huawei’s Beijing SDN Open Lab, is a SDN-based network evolution and transformation experience center, focused on carrier network and business transformation. It has cooperated with more than 20 partners, and completed over 30 projects of E2E pre-verification all over the world, thus winning wide recognition from operators and partners.