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Huawei’s AAU Solution Helps Turkey Build Excellent 4.5G Networks

May 20, 2016

[Shenzhen, China, May 20 2016] Huawei recently announced its release of the industry-leading Active Antenna Unit (AAU) Solution to help Turkey build optimal 4.5G networks and provide an excellent MBB experience. As a result AAU has been commercially deployed in Turkey and is ushering in a new era of 4.5G.

A 4.5G development strategy and vision was announced at the first Turkey 4.5G Industry Summit.

In 2015, Turkey launched its large-scale evolution plan to move from 3G to 4.5G networks, and released the 4.5G spectrum license in August. Until now, over twenty thousand 4.5G base stations have been deployed and over 10 million 4.5G phone numbers have been allocated in Turkey, to satisfy increasing requirements for a superior MBB network experience. Mobile network operators in Turkey have developed long-term cooperation strategies with Huawei and have taken the initiative to deploy the innovative AAU Solution to improve network performance and simplify network construction.

The Huawei AAU Solution integrates radio units and antennas to support 4T4R on multiple 4.5G frequency bands. As a key 4.5G technology, 4T4R uses multiple antennas to improve spectrum efficiency and network capacity with a higher user rate. According to field test results from the live network deployed in Turkey, 4T4R provided by the AAU Solution outperforms the traditional 2T2R and increases network capacity by 80%.

Based on actual site conditions in Turkey, the Huawei AAU Solution has employed the most advanced radio and antenna technologies on all frequency bands in Turkey (900M/1.8G/2.1G/2.6GHz) through a 1.5-meter antenna. That is, only one AAU can support the deployment of the new 4.5G spectrum, as well as the existing 2G and 3G networks. The highly integrated design also reduces the required space for deployment on rooftops and towers.

As a result, this solution allows operators to reduce network operating expenses through saved rentals of towers and rooftops, and facilitates network construction with shortened time duration for base station installation. Additionally, the high integration of radio units and antennas can reduce feeder loss of signals and improve network coverage by 15% using the same amount of transmission power. As a result, this solution improves the MBB user experience.

Yang Chaobin, CMO of Huawei Wireless Product Line, said, "Huawei has been devoted to persistent innovation based on our customers' requirements. As one of our most innovative products, the AAU can excellently support 4.5G network deployment and map out an evolutionary path for future radio frequency units."

Until now, the Huawei AAU Solution has been commercially deployed by 100 operators from 60 countries. This includes China, a number of European countries, Canada, and nations from South America and Asia-Pacific.