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Huawei Launches the World's First Commercial 4G IPTV Service with LRTC

Dec 02, 2016

[Lithuania, December 2, 2016] Huawei recently launched the world's first commercial IPTV service based on the 4G fixed LTE network solution Wireless To The X (WTTx) with LRTC (European leading telecom operator in Lithuania). This launch will provide fast access broadband services to additional households for the enjoyment of a high-quality video experience.

LRTC is also the largest radio and television provider in the country. The company boasts an extensive history in the field of communications which can be traced back 90 years. In 2009, LRTC gained a reputation as the first operator in Europe to provide wireless broadband access through a mobile WiMAX network. In 2015, this operator then opted to upgrade the network to LTE-Advanced, and using the abundance of 2.3 GHz TDD spectrum was able to provide further improved high-quality wireless broadband access services.

LRTC launched commercial use of wireless broadband access and VoIP services a few years ago. However, the 4G-based IPTV service launched this time is a joint innovation by Huawei and LRTC. As the industry's debut, the two companies jointly developed IPTV, which is based on 4G customer-premises equipment (CPE) and set top boxes (STBs), as well as Video On Demand (VOD) services. It is reported that LRTC offers 34 television channels and VOD services including popular content related to sports, science and technology, and commercial finance. In addition to LRTC, other mobile operators in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East are also proactively conducting trials of WTTx-based TV and OTT VOD services.

Remigijus Seris, CEO of LRTC, said, "Thanks to comprehensive co-operation with Huawei, we succeeded to launch IPTV services and so to satisfy huge demand of modern TV services, especially of those customers who live in suburbs and countryside areas. We also hope that the IPTV project will narrow the divide between technologically well-developed cities and less developed rural territories in Lithuania."

The President of Huawei Global Wireless Network Marketing & Solutions, An Jian, highlighted that the wireless broadband access solution WTTx can produce multiple benefits. This solution allows mobile operators to explore new household service markets, helps reduce deployment costs, and rapidly increases revenue and profit. WTTx supports broadband access and voice services, while improving operator competitiveness and further provides new sources of revenue growth points. The first successful commercial use of 4G-based IPTV services on LRTC networks demonstrates a significant stage of achievement in respect to these advantages.

Featuring easy deployment and a considerable reduction in investment, WTTx using 4G/4.5G technologies is becoming a primary choice of more and more mainstream global operators to provide wireless broadband access for households and enterprises. More than 200 operators have already commercially deployed this solution, providing over 30 million households and enterprises with cost-effective 4G wireless broadband services.