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Huawei Completes Full-Scale Modernization of TDC Mobile Network in Denmark

Jun 03, 2015

[Shenzhen, China, June 2, 2015] Huawei announced today that it has completed a full-scale modernization of leading Danish operator TDC’s mobile network in Denmark. The enhanced mobile network, upgraded using Huawei’s value centric Managed Services and Quality Brand MBB solutions, was recently evaluated as “best-in-class for a customer experience mobile network” by Teknologisk Institut (the Danish Technological Institute).

Jim Lu, President, CEE & Nordic European Region, Huawei; Kim Søgård Kristensen, Chief Technology Officer, TDC Group; Peter Tier Schleits, Chief Operating Officer, TDC Group; Ryan Ding, President, Products and Solutions, Huawei

Huawei was first selected by TDC in 2013 to modernize and manage TDC’s mobile network in Denmark over a six year period. Since that time, data traffic over the network has increased by 130 percent, and customer satisfaction has improved by 10 percent. The performance of the TDC network also ranked number one in Denmark during an independent evaluation by the P3 Group in February 2015. Specifically, the global evaluation identified TDC’s 4G network as one of the top nine networks globally capable of delivering download speeds of more than 90Mbit/s. In addition, the three 3 Component Carrier, Carrier Aggregation (3CC CA) trial was completed on the network recording a peak throughput rate of up to 440 Mbps.

“Since our contract with Huawei began in 2013, we have progressed towards future proofing our network, increasing both the coverage and speed to provide an optimal end user experience,” said Kim Søgård Kristensen, Chief Technology Officer, TDC Group.

“Huawei has modernized TDC’s mobile network in Denmark through advanced technical solutions and end-to-end professional services,” said Mr. David Wang, President, Wireless Network, Huawei. “We are now introducing a new concept called TechCity to TDC, which will help TDC build a more competitive mobile network and realize sustained business success. The new concept leverages Huawei’s most innovative technologies including LTE-Advanced 3CC CA, Time-division Duplex Long-Term Evolution (TDD LTE), and Long-Term Evolution Machine (LTE-M).”

“Through our partnership with Huawei, we have built the best mobile network in Denmark, and our ongoing partnership will ensure the network’s continued strength and development,” said Mr. Peter Tier Schleits, Chief Operating Officer, TDC Group.

Mr. Ryan Ding, President, Products and Solutions, Huawei, said, “We have fulfilled the promise which we made 18 months ago when we first signed the contract with Mr. Carsten Dilling, CEO of TDC. Through cooperation between Huawei and TDC, we have greatly improved the end user experience for customers in Denmark, and will continue to look for new approaches to deliver even more value to the end user.”