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Huawei and China Unicom Sign Smart Home Gateway Development Agreement

Mar 25, 2015

[Shenzhen, China, March 23, 2015] Huawei today announced it has signed a Smart Home Gateway Joint Development Framework Agreement with the Research Institute of China United Network Communications Limited (China Unicom). This marks the joint effort of both parties to innovate new techniques and standards for smart home networks, further enhancing their cooperation in this field.

Huang Wenliang, President of the China Unicom Research Institute, and Zha Jun, President of the Huawei Fixed Network Production Line, attend the signing ceremony

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks bring greater service experience for end users. The China Unicom “Smart WO Home” business will make use of the FTTH high speed network and intelligent platform, a key component in the smart home network. The smart home gateway is the entry point to the household internet and provides users with a full range of smart home services, including home security, home appliance control, health monitoring and home entertainment. Through this partnership, China Unicom Research Institute and Huawei will jointly promote the innovation of the FTTH smart home gateway as the standard for smart services, providing “Smart WO Home” for users.

At the signing ceremony, Huang Wenliang, President, China Unicom Research Institute, said, "China Unicom has explored innovation for many years and has made breakthroughs in many fields as a leading industry player. We promote effective development and transform business and revenue growth. Working with Huawei we will undertake research and development for new smart home gateway and other smart home products. This cooperation is a great example of effectively extending the industry value chain."

Zha Jun, President, Fixed Network Product Line, Huawei said, “The home broadband business has strategic value for operators. It remains important to maximize the value of the network to retain customers, improve business and promote the development of the broadband industry. The home gateway is a unified platform for the internet of things. The FTTH network provides a more connected experience and improves the service for end users, making it an important way for operators to win customers. Huawei will continue its cooperation with China Unicom to innovate and create a bright future for the smart home."