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Seeds for the Future South Africa

Seeds for the Future

Seeds for the Future is Huawei’s global CSR flagship programme. It is our most heavily invested CSR activity, and we will continue to invest in the program over the long term. Initiated by Huawei in 2008 globally, the program seeks to develop local ICT talent, enhance knowledge transfer, promote a greater understanding of and interest in the telecommunications sector, and improve and encourage regional building and participation in the digital community.





About the Programme 

The Huawei Seeds for the Future programme offers undergraduate students a two week training and cultural experience in China. During the first week; participants stay in Beijing, where they will be exposed to Chinese language and culture with basic lessons in Mandarin, Chinese Calligraphy and Painting. They also visit world-renowned historical sites. In week two, participants will travel to Huawei’s Headquarters in Shenzhen, where they will tour the Huawei Technology Exhibition Centre and work in Huawei’s most advanced labs, getting exposure to the latest ICT technologies such as 5G, LTE and cloud computing.

Huawei runs the South African Seeds for the Future programme in partnership with the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services (DTPS). Since the SA launch in 2016, Huawei, DTPS and local universities work together to select 10 deserving ICT students for the study trip each year.

In 2019, another 10 SA students will embark on a 17-day trip to China on 26 August.

Watch our video on the life changing experience of the 30 SA students over the last three years. If you are intrigued, please refer to the following criteria and selection process.

Selection Criteria

Process of Application

  1. Completed application form containing; Personal Details such as Name, Gender, Race, DoB, motivation for your selection.
  2. Academic Record – including report for the last academic year and current progress
  3. Recommendation or Reference from Faculty/Division Head

Application form can be downloaded HERE

Process of Selection

  1. Completed application form containing; Personal Details such as Name, Gender, Race, DoB, motivation for your selection.
  2. Academic Record – including report for the last academic year and current progress
  3. Recommendation or Reference from Faculty/Division Head

The DTPS and Huawei will select the best suitable candidates based on written submission and interview, and determine the final 10 students by 28 June 2019




Seeds feedback

Deliverance Mogau Kgonyan

Central University of Technology

“As we embarked on our trip to China, we were eager of what laid ahead of us. Not one of the team members had been overseas before the trip, everything we experienced at the airports were first hand for all us, which made it a great experience. Especially, when we travelled without our leaders, because that is what united the South African Seeds for the Future 2018 team. We worked together and took care of each other like we have known each other for longer than two days. The welcome we got from China was beyond expectation. We were treated like royalty.”

Lwando Ngcama

Nelson Mandela University

“The seeds for the future program and the trip to China is one moment that I will never forget in my entire life. The beauty of China and its technology is something to remember. The amazing works done by Huawei in China and its beautiful campus and hotels were mind-blowing. Having a reunion with our fellow African brothers and sisters from Nigeria and Ivory Coast may our trip one to always remember and cherish. Thank you, Huawei, and thank you Seeds for the Future program. This trip exceeded my expectations and us a result I will never forget it. I will sure do visit China again in the near future.”

Paul-Franco Landman

Central University of Technology

“Over the two weeks we had an amazing experience. Thank you to Huawei and the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services for hosting this project. It has truly made an impact in my life!

We learnt so much about Huawei as a company and the ICT industry as a whole, it ended up being much more than we anticipated. I must say that we have all seen what the bigger picture is and can clearly visualize why we study what we do and how we plan on implementing it in the future. China as a country is a great role model to show that anything is possible if you apply yourself and that there always space for improvement and it is possible to meet everyone’s needs.”

Mangilanyane Precious Leutle

University of Mpumalanga

“My experience in China was really amazing. The Chinese architecture and landscape is incredible from the bright vivid colours to the animal statues used symbolize power, positive energy, royalty and guard against evil spirits to the number of years they have managed to preserve the culture to live on from generations to generations. It goes to show how much they value and respect culture despite the technological evolution that has been and is taking place. It was a wonderful experience to taste the different kinds of dishes they have from different parts of the country such as the dumplings, Beijing duck, bamboo and noodles with sea food.

I got the opportunity to learn about cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and setting up a 4G station. I got an overview and in depth understanding of the impact of technology in future and that led to me re-evaluating where I stand in this Fourth Industrial Revolution, will I be relevant in my field and how can I apply what I learnt for the betterment of my community and the world.   Information Communication Technology is a career that is about helping people and making their lives easier.  The Huawei Solution lab, inspired me to think outside the box because it offers long term solutions real world problems and I want to be part of the generation that will offer that to the world. Xie xie."

Rebaone Moretlwe

Sol Plaatje University

“For someone like me coming from deep rural areas, who knew just a little about ICT in her whole life until I got into the university, where I learnt more, but being granted the opportunity to go and learn more of ICT skills in China, to me is quite an achievement.  My experience in China was very amazing, I got a chance to witness the high level of ICT usage in China, where everything is almost done and paid electronically, it’s rare to see someone carrying cash with them in China. First week in Beijing I attended cultural classes where I learnt Chinese language (Mandarin), calligraphy and painting. It was very fun and interesting to be in a new environment and get to learn and try new things. Comprehensive classes really helped me, as I was able to interact with people, I had clue of what to say when I get in a restaurant or how to negotiate prices when shopping.”

Sabrina Govender

Durban University of Technology

“The Seeds for the future program was an amazing opportunity which I will forever be grateful for.

From the culture shock experienced as soon as I stepped off the aircraft in Hong Kong, to the tantalizing cuisine and, not to mention, the breath-taking views; it’s no wonder that so many foreign visitors opt for China each year. The history of this beautiful land is one of its greatest treasures. We got to experience this first hand on this fast-paced adventure exploring China's greatest highlights, from the famous Great Wall and the sprawling Forbidden City in Beijing, to the fascinating museum of Ancient art and the culture-rich Hakka Village in Shenzhen and lastly the extraordinary skyline which can be viewed from Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. Huawei did go all out in order to make this experience an unforgettable one. This, in turn, shows their serious commitment to the Seeds for the Future program.”

Merriam Elabor

University of the Witwatersrand

“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to network and learn and have fun. Our experience of China was so great that a few of us are considering living there permanently. The people were kind and the technology was so advanced yet the culture somehow managed to stay intact. I am truly grateful for the opportunity that I was given and for the life-long friendships made along the way.”

Nkosenhle Godson Hlanganani

University of KwaZulu-Natal

“China is amazing! I truly got to see how marvellous telecommunications is in its ability to keep the world connected. We learned a lot about Huawei and got to see more of it, not just as a phone manufacturer. We learned about its vision for the world and the future of technology in the world, which is amazing. I even got host the closing ceremony! I can’t begin to remember Shenzhen without Joan being there telling to double check our belongings J. She made our stay there the best! There’s a lot to say about my experience in China, too much. I don’t know what to say and what to leave out, because I could write an entire book it.”

Tebatso Moses Munyai

University of Limpopo

“My stay in China was more than I expected.  Yes I was challenged to adapt to the culture or style  of  living but I adapted quickly and enjoyed. The people and the ICT movement enlightened me on how much I can archive or contribute to my country. 

Thank you for choosing me and recognising my hardwork, for the wonderful trip, and also bringing technology closer to my sight. Steve Jobs once said ," everyone should know how to program because it teaches one how to think".  I pray that these programme grows and live forever.” 

Yuvika Singh

University Of Kwazulu-Natal

“There are very few words or phrases that can sum up the experience of the Huawei Seeds for the Future Programme. In short, the Seeds for the Future Programme was informative, unforgettable, rewarding and life-changing.

Western media incorrectly depicts China. Upon arriving to China, I had a set of expectations, but the reality of China had far exceeded my expectations. The architecture is mesmerising. Cities are painted with unique skyscrapers. World-class vehicles path the roads. Overall, the infrastructure in China is beyond that of many countries. “

Shenzhen was amazing. The city is lit up at night and buzzing in the day. Shenzhen seems so far developed ahead of the rest of the world, it’s a façade that it deserves to keep. Once again, the

At the Huawei training centre, lessons regarding 2G, 3G, 4G, and even 5G as well as IoT and networking was given. This provided much insight. On the last day, in the Huawei training laboratory, the Seeds were given the spectacular opportunity of building a 4G base station and then interrupting opposing teams’ connectivity and solving any problems caused. This work experience helped everyone understand what Huawei was about, and what Huawei offers.”

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