+Intelligence: A new era is coming

2017.09.23 By Sally Gao, Editor-in-Chief

To thrive in the global digital economy, enterprises in all industry verticals must plan and execute digital transformation strategies that go beyond smart and enter the +Intelligence era – an era of cloud backed by big data and AI.

Broadband connects the data center networks that provide cloud services like computing and storage, and enable platform and sharing models such as XaaS and pay-per-use. IoT provides the huge volumes of data that feed in the cloud for ubiquitous AI analytics to provide actionable insights for enterprises. 

By 2025, 100 billion devices will be connected on pervasive 5G networks, generating huge amounts of data. For business, this data will enable a true customer-first approach, enabling fully personalized products, solutions, and services. And enterprises need to get smart with digital transformation if they don’t want to be left behind. 

Digital infrastructure and virtualization will forge mature vertical-spanning ecosystems that bring together disparate industry cogs to form coherent value chains and deliver unprecedented efficiency and precision. 

However, reaching this point isn’t easy. Nor is choosing the right transformation path to follow and then seeing it through. Enterprises need partnerships. And they need the right solutions to move forward over the next decade.

Telcos – the drivers and enablers of digital transformation – face ten possible transformation journeys and five destinations, each requiring a specific strategy. Slow-to-change and diverse in nature, manufacturing must overhaul outdated legacy IT infrastructure to evolve into Industry 4.0 and the age of data-led productivity and mass customization.

By 2025, the Earth’s population will have hit 8.1 billion, which will exert pressure on our food and energy resources. Both the agriculture and energy industries need the vision and digital solutions to create a cleaner, greener world that can be fed. Equally, connected transportation and driverless tech can be a force for change – a disruption that gets people and society where they need to be quickly, efficiently, and cleanly. 

Digital transformation will revolutionize financial services over the next decade, as Fintech startups disrupt the industry and force banks to cooperate and compete, while consumers will be more in control of their money than ever. Digital transformation will allow a much more tailored approach to health and education, and place both into the hands of underserved, remote, and developing regions, heralding a great leap in equality.

This Better Connected World brings together people, businesses, and things, forming a world of +Intelligence where data is the new oil and cloud the refinery.