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Digital First Economy Whitepaper — Asia Pacific

ICT infrastructure and policy empower inclusive, innovative, resillient and green economic growth

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The emergence of a digital first world requires countries to prepare for a digital first economy. Leading economies are developing digital plans and policies, investing in key digital technology sectors and ICT infrastructure to rebuild/realize a new enlarged GDP.

The analysis within this paper discuss on the functional drivers of Digital First Economy like ICT infrastructure and policy that empower inclusive, innovative, resilient and green economic growth. Other than that, for policymakers to benchmark digitalization progress and improve their country digital economy, Huawei in collaboration with IDC, provide ICT policy recommendations and introduce a framework that outline the ways to improve country DEF Index, and building DFE by taking a bottom-up approach through a use-case-driven analysis from more than 50 countries.

  • Empirically defined FRAMEWORK to improve digital economy growth
  • DFE INDEX to measure digital infrastructure readiness
  • Comprehensive SURVEY from 7 Asia Pacific countries
  • Practical GUIDE for National ICT & Policy implementation