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Communicate Issue 87


Issue 87

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Partnering together for autonomous driving networks

The AI-driven fourth industrial revolution will see a shift from automation to intelligence. Pivotal to this are 5G and Autonomous Driven Networks. Find out how.

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Moving towards autonomous driving networks

Over the past decade, OPEX growth has outstripped revenue growth for telcos, causing structural challenges to the telecoms industry. However, there's a way out.

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SingleRAN Pro enables simplified target networks in the 5G era, leading the MBB industry to new heights

5G is on the fast track for widespread commercial deployment in 2019. Operators need SingleRAN Pro in their 5G armory to ensure smooth network evolution.


A roadmap for operators in the 5G and cloud era

In the 5G and cloud era, Huawei's Network Cloud Engine adds the brain to network intelligence.

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Pushing bandwidth limits and moving towards optical networking 2.0

5G will bring key growth opportunities for immersive personal services such as VR, AR, and live streaming. Find out the role next-gen optical networks will play.

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Experts's forum

Building E2E IP networks for the 5G and cloud era

Thanks to their strengths of reachability, interoperability, and flexibility, IP networks have grown over the past 30 years to become the foundation of ICT information networks. Here's where they're heading.

Experts' Forum

Telcos need to prioritize 5G value operations to take back control of the telecoms industry

In the fast-approaching 5G era, will the communications industry be able to regain control of industry development from OTT Internet companies?

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Driving autonomy with the Network Cloud Engine

Huawei's Network Cloud Engine will enable operators and enterprises to build user experience-centric automated, intelligent networks.


Cutting OPEX and building managed service capabilities with CloudCampus

How does Huawei's CloudCampus provide operators with a high-ROI, low-risk campus network service platform?


Building a 400GE backbone network for the smart era

With its backbone network solutions, Huawei will continue advancing IP backbone development with ultra-broadband, simplification, and intelligence.

How to operate

How China Mobile Zhejiang overcame 3 major problems in its 5G bearer network

China Mobile Zhejiang and Huawei overcame 3 major problems to construct China's largest 5G bearer test network in 2018.

How to Operate

TIM and Huawei provide advanced SD-WAN services for Italian enterprises

How did Huawei's SD-WAN solution help TIM win the first commercial SD-WAN project in Europe and expand the SD-WAN market in Italy?

Cutting Edge

How virtual assistants can cut OPEX for telcos

Virtual assistants can take the pain out of customer services. Here's how Huawei's AI capabilities can augment human agents.

Cutting Edge

Making data centers AI-ready with an industry-leading cloud engine

Data centers need autonomous  networks to boost AI computing power for customers. Find out how we're creating industry firsts and shattering bottlenecks with our powerful new technologies.