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eBIZ Cloud Platform Revitalizes European Fashion Industry

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) account for the majority of businesses in the European market. However, many have yet to benefit from digital transformation. According to EuroStat, only 21% of SMEs use cloud. SMEs that fail to take advantage of the benefits of cloud will see lower efficiency and commercial agility. Europe's fashion supply chain has long been under pressure from lower-cost regions. European garment makers are hurt by high order management costs and long response times. All of these issues are impacting their bottom line and time-to-market.

To combat this, the European Commission launched eBIZ, a public-private program promoting the use of e-commerce and greater interoperability in the fashion supply chain. Using the eBIZ cloud platform, Europe's fashion houses and suppliers are able to collaborate more easily. As a result, they have seen improved productivity, and better design and innovation. With the platform, order management costs dropped by 65% in just one year, and the average response time for an order was shortened by 50%. To date, over 150 small textile and footwear companies, in 20 European nations, have benefited from eBIZ.