The Earth's vital signs are far from healthy: 1 million species are at risk of extinction. Climate change is increasing the prevalence and severity of natural disasters like wildfires, droughts, and tropical storms. Our oceans are 10 times more polluted than they were in 1980. And these examples are just the tip of an iceberg.
Our Commitment
Our Commitment

We believe that technology should not be in opposition to nature – it should help nature thrive. We believe in using technology to reduce the impact of human activities on nature and in creating the partnerships to make that happen. To develop sustainably within the capacity of our planet, we need come together to reduce our footprint. We need to take less and give more. We believe in Environment4ALL.

Projects and Programs

  • Conserving Natural Resources

    Monitoring the use of natural resources and taking measures to avoid exhausting them.

  • Protecting Endangered Species

    Helping conservationists to monitor endangered species, detect human interference, and develop ways to protect habitats.

  • Preventing Natural Disasters

    Forecasting and monitoring natural disasters and applying smart systems to mitigate the effects of natural disasters.

What’s Happening

Ken Hu
“The earth is not just our home – it’s home of every piece of land, every forest, and every animal. Let’s join hands to use technology to protect the planet.”
Ken Hu
Deputy Chairman, Huawei
Dr. Bilel Jamoussi
“Frontier technologies are key enablers for protecting the environment and tackling climate change. The ICT sector can help reduce global emissions by 15%.”
Dr. Bilel Jamoussi
Chief of the Study Groups Department, TSB, ITU
Prof. Feng Limin
“Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park is leading a transformative change in nature conservation by applying innovative technology.”
Prof. Feng Limin
Associate Professor, College of Life Science, Beijing Normal University
Vice Director, Northeast Tiger and Leopard Monitoring and Research Center, National Forestry and Grassland Administration
Dr. Grethel Aguilar
“Our planet is under pressure and technology must be part of the solution. We must harness technology for good — for nature, for people, and for our planet.”
Dr. Grethel Aguilar
Acting Director General, IUCN
Tao Jingwen
“Our environmental sustainability strategy focuses on using ICT to cut carbon emissions, increase the use of renewable energy, promote a circular economy, and conserve natural resources.”
Tao Jingwen
Board Member and Chairman of the CSD, Huawei
Topher White
“Because of this collaboration, because of the real need for these partnerships, we can protect approximately 6,000 km2 of rainforest and record 450 years of audio.”
Topher White
CEO, Rainforest Connection
“We believe technologies like cloud, AI and 5G are essential for protecting the environment and biodiversity.”
Kenvin Zhang
CMO of ICT infrastructure, Huawei

Partners for Good

Rainforest Connection
  • IUCN
  • Rainforest Connection
  • DENR
  • smart
  • GSMA
  • 国家林草局东北虎豹监测与研究中心
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