HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink: A Secure Digital Workplace

With the advances in Internet technologies, the decentralized or distributed office model is gaining traction. More people are working remotely or from home. While we enjoy the benefits of more flexible work styles enabled by technology, we must also be aware of our increased exposure to security threats, such as cyber attacks and data leaks, caused by distributed and mobile offices. Security is the highest priority for digital workplaces.

HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink comes with enhanced software and hardware security features, allowing enterprise users to protect their data from end to end. The solution offers the following features:

  • Security fencing that strictly controls device access
  • Security tunnels that protect data transmission and application access to ensure security
  • Protected messaging and file transmission that ensures data flows in an enterprise securely
  • Data shields that ensure enterprise data flows within defined boundaries
  • Screenshot security that prevents data leakage
  • Call encryption that ensures each call is encrypted with a unique key and can only be accessed by parties to the call
  • Empowered by these cutting-edge security techniques, WeLink features access control, leakage prevention, encryption, anti-intrusion, and traceability.

WeLink's security capabilities are renowned in the industry. By the end of 2021, WeLink had received more than 50 security certifications in and outside China, including cloud service security system certification, Android Green Alliance purity level (highest), ISO 27001 security system certifications, level-3 information security evaluation by China's Ministry of Public Security, and Service Organization Control audits (SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3). Building on its security capabilities, WeLink helps enterprises provide a digital workplace that is secure, efficient, and intelligent.

WeLink's end-to-end security features

WeLink's end-to-end security features