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Providing pervasive intelligence for a fully connected, intelligent world

Huawei's AI strategy and product portfolio have landed. Think full-stack, inclusive, and all-scenario. Find out the details.

Cover Story

Driving AI to new horizons with an all-scenario native, full-stack solution

Find out the features and benefits of Huawei's AI strategy and product portfolio.


Creating the AI world together with developers

A healthy AI ecosystem means providing the right tools for partners to do what they do best. That's what Huawei's doing with four of its industry-leading AI solutions.


Bridging networks and business intent to activate intelligence

The Intent-Driven Network builds a digital twin between the physical network and business intent using AI, big data, and the cloud. Find out how this boosts business innovation and predictive O&M.


Activating intelligence with IoT cloud and AI

Huawei has released the industry's only 5G end-to-end product and solution based on the 3GPP standard. We're ready for large-scale 5G rollout.

Experts' Forum

Going beyond Moore’s Law with quantum computing

Huawei launched its quantum computing platform HiQ earlier this year at Huawei Connect. Where's the industry at and what are we doing in this space?


Atlas: Opening the door to AI with massive computing power

Artificial Intelligence needs reliable, affordable, and effective computing power. That's where Atlas comes in.

Cutting Edge

HiLens: The developer friendly computer vision solution

Developing AI is not cheap or easy, and barriers to entry are high. Here's where HiLens comes in - a developer friendly AI platform for developing computer vision applications.


HiSec: Intelligent active defense for ICT infrastructure

By 2020, about 60 percent of enterprises will suffer major service failures due to cyber security threats. Here's how you can make sure you're not one of them with our AI solution.

Cutting Edge

Putting the brain in driverless vehicles with MDC

Computing power - alongside cost and safety concerns - is holding back driverless cars. But not for much longer, thanks to Huawei's Mobile Data Center embedded with our Ascend AI chipset.

Experts' Forum

Algorithms for intelligent and automated O&M

O&M may have come a long way with advances in scripting, automation, and legacy bug fixes, but having fewer problems hasn’t diminished the burden of on-site maintenance. Getting smart is the answer.

Media Insights

From kindling to energy: Why Huawei does AI

What's the logic and reasoning behind Huawei's full-stack, all-scenario product portfolio?

Cover Story

SoftCOM AI: Hard on the competition with zero faults

SoftCOM AI creates "self-driving" network architecture that can help operators compete with OTT companies by reducing network faults to zero.


Embracing the intelligent era with Intent-Driven Networks

What are the five major features that make Intent-Driven Networks the network architecture that will define the future?


Cloud data centers in the 5G era

Cloud data centers are the core of the 5G ecosystem. What kind of cloud data center can meet the networks and service requirements of 5G?


5G: On the verge of a smart future

Huawei has released the industry's only 5G end-to-end product and solution based on the 3GPP standard. And now we're ready for large-scale 5G rollout.


Wireless AI for networks that understand you

Network automation is one of the industry's hottest trends. We check out the latest news and views in this exciting field.


The power of 5G core networks

Huawei demonstrated its 5G core network solution for all-service enablement. For operators, this means the opportunity to enable the digital transformation of all industries. How does it work?

How to Operate

Building fully connected, intelligent emerging markets

Home to up to 85% of the world’s population, emerging markets contribute 75% of global GDP growth. Opportunities abound for fast-moving operators and enterprises. Here's what they need to know.


Making video work for telcos

How can telcos develop a successful video strategy? Here's how.


Huawei CloudAIR 2.0 unleashes all-spectrum potential

Double award winner Cloud Air 2.0 is the future of RAN cloudification. Here's why.


Cloud and network synergy for B2B services

By 2025, all businesses will be on the cloud and 85 percent of enterprise applications will run on cloud platforms. And that means huge growth potential in the IoT space. Find out why.

How to Operate

RingShow stacks up micro-video wins for carriers

An innovative RBT service provides a new revienue source for carriers. What is it, who's doing it, and how does it work?


AUTIN: Helping you go digital

Today, over 60 percent of operators maintain a large number of isolated OSSs, a huge obstacle to evolving to digital operations. It's time for them to get smart and digital.


Ready for the future with Cloud Core Networks

Transforming the core network is the first step on the path to full cloudification. Where does the path lead?


X-Haul for 5G Leadership

X-Haul incorporates various technologies to help carriers evolve live networks to 5G transport networks. Find out how it works.

Cover Story

A New Cash Cow in the Dairy Field

For telcos, there are several IoT business models to choose from. Find out how China Telecom has picked the most profitable in the area of dairy farming with its product UCOWS.

How to Operate

Weifang Smart City lights the way ahead for China

Find out how this ancient city is making smart IoT moves with pioneering initiatives and shaping up to be true smart city.

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DHL: Smart management is smart business

DHL has boosted yard management efficiency by 30% with an NB-IoT solution optimized for its requirements. Find out how a tailored solution can be applied to your enterprise.

How to Operate

Gas goes digital with IoT

NB-IoT delivered in a cloud, pipe, device model is underpinning the new wave of profitable, efficient smart gas delivery. Find out how.


Making IoT good for business

Enterprises cannot meet the software development demands of complex IoT ecosystems. Partnerships and the right solutions are the way forward.


Closing the gaps in IoT security

IoT is a honeypot for hackers - 80% of devices have simple passwords and 27% of IoT control interfaces have been infected or compromised. What's the answer?

Cover Story

Moving towards a business-driven All-Cloud Network

A trillion-dollar industry is opening up as enterprises and their verticals go digital. How can you make sure you're front and center?

How to operate

Henan Unicom gets enterprising with distributed cloud data centers

Distributed DCs and reusing equipment rooms are the key to Henan Unicom's B2B gains and cloud transformation with Huawei. Find out more.

How to operate

A cloudy view from the fragrant harbor

In Hong Kong, where mobile penetration is 230%, site costs come at a premium and service expectations are high. China Mobile Hong Kong brought its A game to cloud transformation. Here's how.


Get strong, fast and agile with Cloud Native

Cloud Native telco networks can shift focus from infrastructure to services and experience. Find out how.


Constructing an All-Cloud Network

In a world of quickly changing cloud services, evolving your network to cloud must be business-driven. All Cloud is the answer.


Mobilize your spectrum boundaries with All-Cloud

By 2025, 8.5 billion connections and 30G of traffic per user per day will swamp networks. With resources scarce, the answer for sharing spectrum, power and channels is in the clouds.


Drilling down to the core of 5G evolution

Leading telcos will start rolling out 5G networks in 2018. How they evolve their core networks will depend on service development. There are two possible paths and two phases ahead of them.

Experts' Forum

Reconstruct to re-energize: Unleashing the power of networks

What are the 4 steps you need to take to make the move into cloud services and provide more than just connectivity?

On top of the food chain

Top of the food chain: Creating value for operators with full cloudification

With data centers at the core running the show, full cloudification is the way telcos can create true value.


Safe and secure in the clouds

The cloud creates a whole new network environment. But, it needs to be protected. Here's how to do it.


Thinking outside the box with Integrated Telecom Cloud

Integrating IT and CT services and carrying them on the same platform was once impossible. Not anymore thanks to an innovative solution.


Cloud Native goes beyond virtualization

There are 3 phases to fully network cloudification and 95% of telcos have started the journey. But do you have the best strategy?


Service deployment has never been faster and easier

Simplify how you deploy services. CloudVPN is the industry's only complete E2E solution of its type for carriers and enterprises.

Telecom Argentina

Transforming into 2020 with cloud

Positioning NFV front and center, Telecom Argentina plans to be all on cloud by 2020. Find out how.


All Cloud starts at the core

Your first stop to full cloudification should start with the handler of real-time applications - core networks.


A new silver lining for MBB when networks go cloudy

Compete with OTT players by expanding your business boundaries with cloud networks.


Getting closer to you: MEC@CloudEdge

It's time to get closer to users so they can have a better experience and you can stop wasting bandwidth. Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) architecture offers the perfect solution.