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We Are An Independent Company

Huawei is an independent company, committed to supporting the secure operations of our customers' networks and services.

We exist to serve our customers. That means supporting stable, reliable, and secure network operations no matter the circumstance, whether it be natural disaster, social conflict, or cyber-attack.

Huawei is a private company wholly owned by its employees. No government or any third party holds shares in our company, intervenes in our operations, or influences our decision-making.

Although we are not a public company, we abide by many established standards and norms for public companies, including the publication of an Annual Report, which contains financial statements audited by KPMG, an independent third-party organization. We do this to help people outside the company understand the real Huawei, our business integrity, and our independence.

These days, there is much debate about Chinese intelligence law. Some groups of politicians claim that Chinese law allows the government to force companies to collect intelligence on its behalf.

This is simply not true. The Chinese government has been explicitly clear about this, as have multiple independent legal professors and a well-known international law firm: Government requests for company assistance must be in accordance with the law. There is no Chinese law authorizing the state intelligence agency to require a telecommunications equipment manufacturer to implant backdoors or disable customer networks. The Chinese government does not interfere with our business or the security of our products. And if any attempt were made to force our hand – from any country or organization – we would reject it outright.

We have been very clear on this point: If we are ever put in a position that jeopardizes our independence, the security of our products, or customer networks, we would sooner shut down the company than violate our principles. We are happy to sign any "no-spy" and "no-backdoor" agreements if that would provide further comfort to our customers and governments around the world.

For the past three decades, Huawei has operated in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over three billion people around the world. Our equipment has never caused a large-scale network breakdown, and we have never experienced any serious cyber security breach. There is no evidence to show that Huawei has ever done anything to jeopardize the security of our customers' networks or devices.

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