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Huawei Cyber Security Transparency Centre

Committed to Securing Our Shared Digital Future

An open, digital, and prosperous world requires a secure and trustworthy digital environment that meets the challenges of today and tomorrow. In the face of the increasing numbers of cyber security challenges, Huawei has decided to take on its role as leading global ICT solution provider and respond with its first Cyber Security Transparency Centre to help build that environment to support the Digital Markets.

Established in Brussels, with an overall surface of 1000 m² spread over two floors, the Brussels Huawei Cyber Security Transparency Centre officially opened its doors on March 5, 2019. As a city, and as an institution, Brussels reminds us of what collective effort and a clear vision can achieve. As people, as organisations, as companies, Huawei strongly believes that we are always more effective when we work together.

This centre provides a platform to enhance communication and joint innovation with all stakeholders, public and private. It also provides a technical verification and evaluation platform for our customers.

Openness, Transparency and Collaboration are the three words driving this project. Through open collaboration with ecosystem partners, we create lasting value for our customers, working to empower people, enrich home life, and inspire innovation in organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Cyber Security Challenges

One elemental property for Cyber Security is to ensure trust everywhere. Trust is the foundation for the digital world to prosper. But trust is not easy to build in this environment.

New developments in cloud computing, intelligence, and software-defined everything are posing unprecedented challenges to the cyber security of ICT infrastructure. The lack of consensus on cyber security, technical standards, verification systems, and legislative support further exacerbates these challenges. Safeguarding cyber security is considered to be a responsibility held by all industry players and society as a whole. Growing security risks are significant threats to the future digital society.

New more sophisticated cybersecurity threat trends have been highlighted in recent years. First, ransomwares pose the most challenging threat for cyber security, IT and data professionals, involving monetary demands up to millions of dollars. Second, while Artificial Intelligence can assist in the defense against incoming cyber-attacks, AI can also be intelligently utilized to initiate novel more sophisticated types of network attacks. Third, the Internet-of-Things (IoT), while ensuring personal devices are continuously interconnected, also exposes users to more cyber threats, specifically due to the insufficiently secured web interfaces, data transfers, authentication methods, and a lack of consumer awareness. Fourth, with blockchain, it is still difficult to fully understand what the clear direction for blockchain-enabled cyber security will be, but it will certainly never be the same. Finally, the rise of 5G will generate new businesses, new architectures and new technologies which will pose new challenges to security and privacy protection.

Security is a necessary enabler for business continuity, but faces a more significant and intelligent threat landscape.

How the HCSTC Can Help

The Huawei Cyber Security Transparency Centre aims at addressing European objectives and needs, as well as sharing important technical information on our solutions to cyber security threats and vulnerabilities.

The Huawei Cyber Security Transparency Centre is to be a platform for collaboration on cyber security innovations, certifications and standards across the industry.

Through the Cyber Security Transparency Centre, we plan to increase communication and collaboration with security professionals, governmental agencies, customers and other industry stakeholders, in order to develop a secure and trusted digital environment supporting Europe’s Digital Single Market.

Experience & Communication

The establishment of the Brussels Cyber Security Transparency Centre demonstrates Huawei's commitment to all stakeholders across Europe, public and private, and intent to facilitate cyber security collaboration.

Showcase Huawei's end-to-end cyber security practices, from strategies and supply chain to R&D and products and solutions through presentations, videos, demos, etc.

Experience cyber security with Huawei's products and solutions, in areas including 5G, IoT, cloud, etc.


Collaboration & Innovation

Communicate with key stakeholders on cyber security practices, to explore and promote the development of security standards, verification mechanisms, and technological innovation in cyber security across the industry.

Collaborate with industry organizations (i.e. GSMA, C4C WEF) and standard organizations (3GPP, IETF, ITU-T), to promote and develop security standards and verification mechanisms.

Collaborate and innovate jointly with the EU cyber security verification organizations (ENISA, BEREC, etc.).

Collaborate with industry and EU regulators to establish verification partnerships and promote industry innovation.

Verification & Evaluation

Provide a product security testing & verification platform to Huawei customers.

Provide testing and validation environment and platform for products and solutions to customers, including white box and black box security. It can simultaneously carry out 5 projects of products and platform.

Cooperate with industry to validate the security validation standards, such as testing and reviewing test standards documentation.

Cooperate with industry organizations, such as GSMA, to validate industry verification mechanisms.

Future Direction

Over the past 30 years, Huawei has served more than three billion people around the world. We support the stable operations of more than 1,500 carrier networks in over 170 countries and regions. In this time, we have maintained a solid track record in cyber security.

Looking to the future, we want to do more. We will keep investing in our cyber security and technical capabilities. We also commit to working more closely with all stakeholders, including regulators, carriers, and standards organizations in an open and transparent manner, to build a system of trust based on objective facts and verification. This is the cornerstone of a secure digital environment for all.

Welcome to Visit and Connect With Us

Huawei Cyber Security Transparency Centre, Brussels

Rue Guimard 9, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Tel.: +32 2801 1766

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