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Digital Training Delivered Home for Women in Bangladesh

May 2018

Women in Bangladesh are falling behind without the knowledge and skills to take advantage of the Internet to access information, exchange ideas and thrive in this new digital era. It is difficult to build numbers of training center to cover all those Women of rural areas, also can’t bring all them to city area training centers.

Together with Bangladesh’s ICT Division, Robi Axiata and Huawei, are aiming to empower women in Bangladesh through ‘digital buses’ that go to rural areas and offer digital skills training to women across the country. Under the three-year ''Digital Training Bus project for Sustainable Women Development through ICT'', six buses fully equipped with modern training facilities are teaching key digital skills to 240,000 women across 64 districts of the country.

This program is already having an impact of women’s lives in Bangladesh, helping them through tutor-led, customized training sessions in the wireless-enabled, air-conditioned bus with 25 workstations. The women are discovering how they can access information, connect with people and transform their lives through the Internet and mobile applications such as mobile banking.

Many women in rural communities who are unable to venture far from home to attend fixed-classroom-based ICT training courses are unaware of the possibilities the digital world can offer. The Digital Training Bus is an important initiative in empowering women through digital skills and ensuring they play a vital role and contribute as much as their male counterparts in the journey towards a “Digital Bangladesh”.

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