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5G Extends the Reach of Smart Healthcare in Thailand

5G helps solve the urban-rural imbalance of medical resources in Thailand

The ongoing pandemic has impacted society and economies worldwide, heaping additional requirements on already burdened healthcare systems. 

And Thailand is no exception. 

At the same time, Thailand’s elderly population is on the rise, with the UN reporting that the proportion of people over 60 is set to double from 2015 to 2050 to reach nearly 23 million – around 30% of the nation’s total population. However, medical resources – both healthcare professionals and medical devices – are in short supply and fail to meet even current local healthcare demand. 


Since the majority of specialists are based in city hospitals, village residents who require routine check-ups or treatments must frequently travel long distances to cities. For many, doing so is unappealing and inconvenient, given the time involved, the long waits at hospitals, and expensive fees. 

Digital Health

In response, Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health launched the Digital Health strategy to address the imbalance of healthcare resources between urban and rural areas.    


Through the telemedicine software system developed by the Ministry of Public Health Thailand coupled with Huawei's Ideahub and 5G network technologies, doctors in rural hospitals can make more accurate diagnoses with the real-time guidance of specialists in central cities. 

Individuals can also consult doctors from their homes using Thailand Ministry of Public Health’s telemedicine app anywhere, anytime. Individuals no longer need to travel long distances to city hospitals for examinations or treatment, saving time and money and reducing face-to-face contact, which is not just important to help contain pandemic, but also frees up medical resources in city hospitals. 


Thailand National Cancer Institute (NCI) hospitals use the Huawei Ideahub and 5G solutions alongside telemedicine software from the Ministry of Public Health Thailand

National 5G coverage plan

According to government planning, 5G will cover almost all Tambon hospitals in the next few years. 


Dr. Somsak Akksilp, Director General, Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health Thailand believes that the Ministry of Public Health's "Digital Health" strategy can help address the needs of the increasingly elderly population by better balancing medical resources in Thailand and can truly connect the value of medical care with the needs of patients. 

The application of 5G technology in the medical field will not only break the limitation of our time and geography, but also truly connect the value of medical care with the need of patients. We believe in future technological innovation will benefit all of us. Dr. Somsak Akksilp
Director General, Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health Thailand