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Launch of the UNESCO-HUAWEI Project

Technology-enabled Open Schools for All

Time: 11:00-13:30 GMT+1 Paris time, Nov 25, 2021


Education for millions of students was put on hold when the pandemic closed school doors across the globe, revealing the need for robust, crisis-resilient learning systems.

Supported by Huawei, UNESCO launched the Technology-enabled Open Schools for All project, with Egypt, Ethiopia, and Ghana selected to design, pilot, test, and scale up scenario-specific projects.

During the three-year project, technology-enabled models for future schooling will be designed to enable access to education programs from schools, home, and other possible learning settings. The aim is to ensure the continuity and quality of learning under both normal and crises situations. UNESCO will cooperate with the three countries to enhance national digital learning platforms by supporting the development of online learning courses, strengthening teachers' digital competencies, and integrating ICT into mainstream models based on national strategies. Aligned with UNESCO's global report on the future of education, Reimagining Our Futures Together: A New Social Contract for Education, the project will also help guide schooling models for the digital era.

The project teams of the three countries, international experts, and UNESCO specialists have already completed needs assessments and developed national-level work plans. Now, UNESCO is working with member states and partners to officially launch the project.