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“Huawei Seeds for the Future 2017” program was launched in Uzbekistan on January of 2017. Due to the initial agreement between Huawei and Tashkent University of Information Technologies, 10 best students have been selected to participate at the program. Between May 2 and May 14 Uzbekistan students took part in two-week training courses organized in China, where they have learned basic Chinese language, culture, calligraphy and other traditions. Moreover, the main purpose of the students was to visit Huawei HQ, where talented students of TUIT learned from professionals of Huawei, ICT basics, network security, building 3G and 4G base stations and other skills, which they have never practiced before.

Today more than 65% of Uzbekistan population using telecommunication services based on Huawei technologies. Company cooperates with all major mobile operators, presents its solutions for leading financial institutions and cooperates with the leading PR agencies of the country to promote its values and business attitude. Huawei not only provides stable telecommunication solutions, but also makes contributions to the telecommunication and education industry in Uzbekistan, which helps to promote long-term development of ICT technology in Uzbekistan. “Seeds for the Future” program aims at helping Uzbekistan young students to learn the global advanced ICT technology and feel the enterprise culture of Huawei.

During their trip to China, 4 selected students also took part at one of the sessions of International Forum, titled “One Belt – One Road”. Thematic session named “People to People Connectivity”, where Uzbek students represented Huawei’s “Seeds for the future project” to all participants. They have prepared special video message, Uzbek song and performed in Uzbek national dresses. During the forum, the First Deputy Chairman of Uzbekistan Senate, Dr. Sadyk Safayev, greeted Uzbek students and highly acknowledged contribution of Huawei into development of young talents in Uzbekistan.  

“We appreciate Huawei’s contribution to the development of young talents and hope with this initiative Uzbek youth will receive tremendous experience and may serve as the true ambassadors of the technological and cultural exchange between China and Uzbekistan”, - said Mr. Safayev. 

Rector of the university (TUIT) Mr. Tulkin Teshabayev, during the pre-session of the project launch mentioned that, these students who leaves to China are the best selected talents and after they will return, the main task for them will be to promote new knowledge and skills, which they received thanks to Huawei to other students of the university in Tashkent and regions. 

It was the second time that Uzbekistan launched this training project by cooperation with Huawei. Uzbek students together with their counterparts from Egypt and Bahrain performed the best results during the trainings and gained 1st place in group competitions settled by the Huawei instructors. The Embassy of Republic of Uzbekistan in China, Ministry of ICT of Uzbekistan, expressed high praise to this project, thanked Huawei for its outstanding contributions in the field of science and education in Uzbekistan.