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Huawei Seeds for the Future program was launched in Tajikistan on 2nd October 2016. 10 students from Tajikistan famous universities went to China to join a two-week training, where they not only learned Chinese culture, but also visited Huawei HQ to studied ICT technology.

Today Huawei has been serving more than 85% of all Tajikistan residents. Huawei not only provides stable telecommunication solutions, but also makes contributions to the telecommunication industry in Tajikistan, which helps to promote long-term development of ICT technology in Tajikistan. Seeds for the Future program aims at helping Tajikistan young students to learn the global advanced ICT technology and feel the enterprise culture of Huawei.

Minister of Education in Tajikistan emphasized that the program not only to improve students’ understanding of ICT technology, but also to promote the development of ICT technology in Tajikistan. The Tajikistan government would like to continue to cooperate with Huawei, Chinese Ministry of Education, Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology to launch other similar projects.

It was the first time that Tajikistan launched this training project by cooperation with Chinese company. The Embassy of Republic of Tajikistan in China, Ministry of education of Tajikistan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan expressed high praise to this project, thanked Huawei for its outstanding contributions in the field of science and education in Tajikistan, and looked forward continuous cooperation in future.