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Huawei launched the Seeds for the Future program in Italy in 2013 in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). The first edition benefited 10 excellent undergraduate students majoring in Telecommunications Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Computer Science. The students took a 2 weeks training in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing where they attended classes and visited Huawei centers of excellence. 

In 2014, Huawei and MIUR renewed their partnership and 15 Italian students were selected to take part in the 2nd edition of the training program which included a focus on Cloud and related topics treated by Huawei experts at the Shanghai R&D center.

In June 2015, the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) joined Huawei and the MIUR in the organization of the 3rd edition of the project, and the three parties signed a triennial Memorandum of Understanding. The agreement aims at bridging the e-skills gap and matching education and business world in a country, Italy, where the achievement of the Digital Agenda objectives and the implementation by the entrepreneurial network of Industry 4.0 innovations on a large scale is tightly bound to the availability of widespread technological skills. 10 students were selected to attend the 2 weeks program and take both technical and language classes between Shenzhen and Beijing. Many visits were also arranged including Shenzhen exhibition halls, Songshan Lake manufacturing center, and Beijing EBC. Upon the students’ return to Italy, a seminar with a specific focus on Industry 4.0 was organized in Rome in collaboration with the MISE and with the participation of a Huawei expert.

Huawei HQ J1, Training class break, March 16th 2017

From March 13th to 24th 2017, Huawei held the 4th edition of the program. As in the past, the students were selected among those with the most impressive CVs, coming from some of the TOP Italian ICT Universities collaborating with Huawei and including, among the others, Polytechnic of Milan, Polytechnic of Turin, Alma Mater University of Bologna, La Sapienza University of Rome, and Federico II University of Naples.

Huawei Courtyard in Beijing, SFTF Closing Ceremony, March 23rd 2017