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Communicate Issue 84

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DHL: Smart Management is Smart Business

DHL has boosted yard management efficiency by 30% with an NB-IoT solution optimized for its requirements. Find out how a tailored solution can be applied to your enterprise.

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Weifang Smart City Lights the Way ahead for China

Find out how this ancient city is making smart IoT moves with pioneering initiatives and shaping up to be true smart city.


Making IoT Good for Business

Enterprises cannot meet the software development demands of complex IoT ecosystems. Partnerships and the right solutions are the way forward.

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Gas goes Digital with IoT

NB-IoT delivered in a cloud, pipe, device model is underpinning the new wave of profitable, efficient smart gas delivery. Find out how.

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Issue 84

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The Golden Age of IoT is Here

The golden age of IoT is here. Huawei is focusing on ICT infrastructure, driving industry digitalization, and the mass commercialization of IoT.


Closing the Gaps in IoT Security

IoT is a honeypot for hackers − 80% of devices have simple passwords and 27% of IoT control interfaces have been infected or compromised. What's the answer?


NB-IoT is a Blue Ocean for Operators

IoT transformation isn't just about building new networks. It involves challenges that telecom operators around the world now face.


Six IoT Models: Which should telcos Choose?

There are 6 possible business models that telcos can adopt in the enterprise IoT domain. We've identified the 3 best ones.


How OpenLabs can Boost Global IoT Success

With 22 OpenLabs around the globe including 8 jointly developed with telcos, Huawei is committed to open partnerships and success for all in the IoT domain.


5G Shifts Connected Vehicles up a Gear

5G is a powerhouse of connectivity. Find out how it will enable a world of connected vehicles and how the cloud, pipe, device model comes into play.


Open IoT gets Developers in the Zone

Huawei Developer Zone provides developers with an E2E platform that vastly lowers the bar to entry for developing IoT solutions.


OceanConnect: Cloud IoT for the Future

OceanConnect funnels cloud and IoT into industry enablement suites that take business domains like IoV, Smart Homes, and public utilities to the next level.


Making Manufacturing Productive Again with IoT

Labor costs in manufacturing have doubled in some nations in a decade, but productivity growth has plummeted to just 1%. The vertical needs to get smart with data and IoT to get productive again.


Huawei LiteOS: A Heavyweight in IoT Connectivity

The Huawei LiteOS is a game changer in IoT operating systems, connecting devices the smart way to realize huge productivity gains.