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Innovations in Digital Trade: Unlock the Future Today

With an Introduction by Chen Lifang, Corporate Senior Vice President of Huawei, the 2021 “Huawei Digital Trade” White Paper highlights the potential of intelligent digital connectivity in addressing our common global challenges and unlocking growth in international trade for economic recovery post-Covid-19.

As an industry leader and global company, Huawei supports free trade and fair competition to promote the development of a healthy global ICT industry to deliver technology for all and reduce the digital divide.

Multilateral trade rules have enabled stability and growth for 70 years, but require updating for the digital era to unlock the full potential of digital trade. Rules on digital trade, are best designed through global collaboration, in a spirit of open and transparent international cooperation and non-discrimination. With global collaboration on these hot topics we can collectively make a significant step forward towards a connected intelligent world.

Part I explores Digital at the Heart of Global Trade, How 5G and new technologies - impact international trade; how after the economic devastation of Covid-19, the world cannot afford digital divides. Open inclusive trade needs a level playing field regardless of the country of origin of technology. Part II: explores International Initiatives on Digital Trade in WTO, OECD, B20 & G20, UN, ICC, and how international standards for Cyber Security are a shared responsibility. Part III: explores New Imperatives for the decade ahead. Decoupling is not an option; the cost of deglobalisation is too great. There is a need to re-commit to a more inclusive model of globalization, to share its benefits equitably and the value of data.

The Digital Trade Paper is a sister publication to the “Huawei Digital Investment” Paper launched May 2020. Designed together in Q1 2020 as a successor to Huawei’s first paper on Digital Trade in 2017.

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