Make Video a Basic Service

In 2020, an estimated 85% of data traffic will come from video services, creating a market worth trillions of dollars and opportunities that telcos can’t afford to miss. So, how can you position video as a basic service and formulate business models that monetize your offerings?

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Enable Verticals with Cloud Services

By 2025, 85% of enterprise applications will be deployed on the cloud and all enterprises will have adopted cloud tech and models. How can telcos sail into this blue ocean of vertical markets using cloud services for new growth?

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Agile Digital Operations

Customers expect a ROADS experience and telcos need to digitize to deliver it. That’s easy to say, but transformation is a long and complex journey. How can you best develop a digital operations system that reflects your scale, capabilities, and business strategies?

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Build All Cloud Networks

New tech like 5G, IoT, and VR/AR will ramp up network and service complexity. Telcos can best respond by cloudifying equipment, networks, services, and operating systems. Starting to build an All Cloud network now will lower costs and lead to gains in network robustness, scalability, and agility. Underpinned by innovative business models, the time is right for you to open the door to future competitiveness.

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Maximize Network Value

Networks give telcos a huge asset advantage and the potential to offer high-value services. But, network reconstruction is needed to boost efficiency and revenue in this time of sluggish growth. How can you best balance business and network construction needs to ensure success in the future?

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Our Speakers

  • Eric Xu

    Deputy Chairman of the Board, Rotating CEO, Huawei

    Video Powers New Growth
    Keynote 7: The Content Gold Rush

    Feb 28, 17:00 - 18:00, Hall 4

  • Yu Quan

    Chief Strategy Officer of Wireless Product Line, Huawei

    NB-IoT Ecosystem Ready for Commercial

    Feb 26, 16:20 - 17:25, Hesperia Tower Hotel

  • Paul Michael Scanlan

    CTO, Carrier BG, Huawei

    Make Cloud Services an Essential Business Reality for Mobile Operator

    Feb 27, 11:00 - 12:10, Hall 4

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    Digital Transformation Exhibition(Hall 1): Check out the latest integrated IT and CT solutions.

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    Huawei Consumer Area(Hall 3): Don't miss the chance to see our latest consumer products and solutions!

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    Innovation City Exhibition(Hall 4): Huawei x Labs shows how mobile networks will power the hottest verticals like mobile video, gaming, connected cars, robotics, and drones.

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    Digital Transformation Briefing Center: Let’s explore together how to facilitate telco digital transformation and grasp new growth opportunities.

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    Huawei Global Services VIP Showcase: How are telcos transforming and reshaping their infrastructure to target user experience? Share your insights.

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