Huawei Pioneering Higher Network Efficiency

The mobile broadband (MBB) era has witnessed the evolution of mobile communication technologies and the rapid emergence of mobile applications. However, data services have outpaced operators' revenue growth, which face pressure to generate greater profits. Increasingly, these operators are focusing on the competitiveness of their network resources, particularly spectrum and site resources. When spectrums are extremely limited and site costs increase, the only way to stay competitive is to increase efficiency to achieve maximum network potential.

As a preferred partner of over 500 operators around the world, Huawei is dedicated to innovations that can satisfy customer needs and build future-proof networks. Over the last three years, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) has served a platform for Huawei's solutions that address the challenges of connections, sites, and spectrums. What will Huawei present this year? Let's have a sneak peek at the highlights for 2016. 

Enhanced Lean GU900: GSM&UMTS Co-Spectrum within 5MHz

More than half of world's operators have less than 8 MHz of spectrum resources in 900 MHz, and some have even less than 5 MHz. With heavily loaded GSM networks, they are unable to release spectrum resources for MBB network deployment, thus hindering their development. The Huawei Enhanced Lean GU900 solution enables operators to build both GSM and UMTS networks with only 5 MHz of 900 MHz spectrum, without spectrum refarming. This means faster MBB network deployment, seamless user migration to MBB networks, and an excellent service experience for users through fewer spectrum resources. 

Multi-Sector Solution: Double the Capacity without New Spectrum or Sites 

2G spectrum refarming and continued 3G data service development create capacity problems for existing networks in hotspot areas. High costs and long site acquisition cycles have worsened the situation. To address this problem, Huawei has launched its flexible multi-sector solution to double network capacity without adding spectrums or sites. This solution enables operators to maximize their site potential, increase network capacity, and provide high quality MBB services for every user.

Lean GU and 6-Sector are among Huawei's solutions for maximizing network efficiency, and have helped over 100 operators worldwide improve their spectrum efficiency and network capacity. This year, Huawei will continue to innovate with a series of solutions set to launch at MWC 2016, to further unleash operators' network potential and improve their return on investment. Feel free to visit Huawei's MWC 2016 booth and explore ways we can jointly maximize network potential.