Digital Transformation Summit

Digital Transformation Summit Highlights

Embrace the future of digital transformation

The Digital Transformation Summit will help drive the evolution of connectivity around the world by facilitating the exchange of strategies, experiences and ideas. The Summit will provide the opportunity for collaboration on all levels of the industry. As new technologies inspire new applications which help create new business models, the Digital Transformation Summit will present innovative insights into this exciting new era. Join us and help Build a Better Connected World!


4.5G Whitepaper

NB-IoT Whitepaper

Small Cell Whitepaper

Video Coverage Whitepaper

Opinion Wall


Massive Commercial Use in 4.5G Era

Bright Future for 4.5G and NB-IoT

WTTx, Instant Fiber for the Unconnected

Facilitate Digital Foundation Enriching Digital Business

Rebuild Value for Telecom Video: From a Value-added Service to a Fundamental Service

Huawei's Strategies on 4.5G, 5G and NB-IoT

The Progress of 4.5G (TDD+)

Values during Video Industry Development