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China Telecom Sichuan adopts the "012" strategy on the video transformation

China Telecom Sichuan introduced its "012" transformation strategy a few years ago. It aims to integrate video, fixed broadband, and mobile broadband on a single network. As part of its strategy, the carrier identified three main requirements for video: to be entertaining, interactive, and spanning a wide range of industries. The carrier also launched its "Missing Home" video telephone service, allowing users to connect with their friends and family anytime and anywhere. The Missing Home service is deployed across different sectors and industries, including education, healthcare, and entertainment. Since its launch in mid-2015, more than 5.48 million people have used it, including 2.23 million television users and 3.25 million mobile app users. China Telecom Sichuan worked with more than 20 video partners in this business to generate greater value, including China Telecom Guangdong which launched a similar service in Cantonese.