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Innovative FTTR Construction

Case of FTTR Reconstruction for a 200㎡ Three-Story Villa

  • Network status before reconstruction

The broadband package is 1000 Mbps. The network cable in the living room is a category-5 cable and only four cores are used for termination. The speed is about 70 Mbps close to the wireless router. The second and third floors are far away from APs, and the Wi-Fi rate is about 20 Mbps.

  • Networking design

1st floor


2st floor


3st floor


Item Quantity Installation Position
Primary ONT 1 Living room
Edge ONT 4 Living room and 3 rooms
Optical cable 5 From the home cable distribution box to the living room video wall and 3 rooms, 5 in total
Optical cable panel 4 One on the video wall and one in each of the 3 bedrooms
Fiber patch cord 4 Optical cable panel to edge ONT
  • Reconstruction effect

In this example, four optical cables are laid in the living room, room on the second floor, and room on the third floor through concealed pipes. Because the home information box is small and the internal space is limited, the primary ONT is placed on the TV cabinet in the living room. The IPTV is connected to the IPTV network port on the primary ONT. There are strong-current cables in the weak-current pipe of another room on the second floor. Therefore, the optical cable is routed in exposed mode.

  • After the reconstruction, the Wi-Fi speed tested at multiple points in the villa exceeds 1000 Mbps.