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Green Management White Paper

The Green Management White Paper is designed to foster collaboration in sustainable practices across industries, standardize green management, and drive transformative change.

Sep 2023

As the world increasingly recognizes the importance of sustainable practices and environmental responsibility, it is imperative that we address the ecological impact of ICTs and ensure their alignment with global sustainability goals. In relation to this whitepaper, we propose the following initiatives:

1. Joint Formation of Standardization on Green Management:

The industry acknowledges a compelling need for the Standardization of Green Management, so a collective call is required for industry leaders, experts, and relevant stakeholders to collaborate in its development. The standard will serve as a guiding framework to minimize the environmental footprint of ICT networks, promoting energy efficiency, resource optimization, and enablement throughout different industries. By collaborating on the creation of this standard, we can collectively drive transformative change and foster a sustainable digital future.

2. Creating a framework for Green Management:

To effectively visualize, plan, and manage the operation of Green Management, this proposal supports the development of a dedicated Green Management Framework. The framework will serve as a guidance for planning and execution, providing a centralized platform to offer real-time monitoring, analytics, and decision-making tools to optimize the environmental performance of ICT infrastructures. By enabling stakeholders to actively track and evaluate energy consumption, carbon emissions, and other key sustainability metrics, the Green Management Framework will empower organizations to make informed choices and drive continuous improvement in their business and operations.

3. Measuring ICTs' Carbon Handprint across Vertical Industries:

To measure the positive environmental impact that ICTs have across various vertical industries, a quantification and assessment approach can be used. By assessing the benefits achieved through the adoption and utilization of ICTs, this measurement approach aims to incentivize sustainable practices and encourage further innovation in green technologies. Recognizing the importance of promoting sustainability beyond the ICT sector, it is crucial to extend the measurement of ICTs' positive environmental impact to other industries, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of their contribution to reducing greenhouse gases (GHG).

ICT is the locomotive propelling us towards carbon neutrality. It enables efficient communication, optimizes resource utilization, and fosters innovation. By harnessing its potential, we can accelerate towards a greener future, where technology drives sustainability and economic growth while minimizing our environmental impact.

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