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Wireless X Labs

Wireless X Labs

Huawei Wireless X Labs are dedicated to discovering, developing, and nurturing new applications that will make great contributions to the wireless communication industry by researching wireless on wireless network services and users to construct an open and robust ecosystem.

Wireless X Labs comprise three laboratories and one joint innovation center:

  • mLab: Consumer-centric joint innovation on applications and technologies;
  • hLab: Wireless-home-broadband-centric innovation;
  • vLab: Vertical-industry-oriented research;
  • XIC: X Labs Innovation Centers in collaboration with industry partners.

Industry Perspectives

xlab wireless

Welcome to Huawei Wireless X Labs

Welcome to Huawei Wireless X Labs. This is where Huawei's wireless application innovations are born.

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xlab bv

Wireless X Labs: Connecting Cloud Intelligence

We are on the show floor at HUAWEI CONNECT to see how Huawei’s Wireless X Labs initiative is enabling new drone technology and...

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1 mwcs2018 cloud vr cv

Cloud AR/VR, typical 5G eMBB application

“Thin Client, Broad Pipe, Cloud APPs” is a typical business mode in 5G era, and Cloud AR/VR will be the key application, which can be used for games, education, trainings, etc.

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White Papers

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Use Cases

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