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Digital Indoor System

Digital Indoor System

DIS(Digital Indoor System) has grown into a common understanding in the industry. Building a 5G oriented indoor digital network based on DIS will help operators improve 4G user experience and prepare for 5G.

DIS includes three elements: Digital Headend, IT Cable and Visualized O&M, which constitute the major differences from a traditional distributed antenna system (DAS). 5G-based indoor networks are characterized by digital head ends (from antennas to AAUs and RRUs), transmission over Ethernet and fiber optic cables (from feeders to fibers and Ethernet cables), and visualized O&M (from unmanageable to manageable). These changes are provide the best indoor experience, flexibility to expand capacity to meet the long-term evolution of the network.

Huawei LampSite Family solution is an embodiment based on the IDS architecture that adapts to diverse indoor scenarios from capacity demands to coverage needs.

• LampSite Sharing: It is the industry's first full-bandwidth indoor small cell solution that supports multi-operator network sharing. This includes low-, medium- and high-powered network-sharing solutions. The low-powered solution supports a 240 MHz of ultra-instantaneous bandwidth (IBW). Hybrid networking between high-powered, medium-powered and low-powered solutions with BBU shared is also supported to flexibly accommodate a wide range of diverse scenarios.

• LampSite Grid: It is a perfect solution for office buildings and hotels. One pRRU can connect to two external antennas (MIMO) or four external antennas (SISO) to extend the coverage of LampSite. And with this solution, in China live network testing the digital indoor networks can be built with a similar investment on DAS but better user experience.

• LampSite Pro: This solution is suit for high dense scenarios for single operator. It could support multiple groundbreaking technological innovations, including software-defined band, four-frequency concurrency, and virtual 4T4R. These powerful features can help produce tangible evidence of improvements in service experience for all indoor users.

• LampSite Libero: Power on Site on, high Integration with base station and wireless backhaul helps operators to achieve deep and accurate coverage quickly with low cost, free backhaul and free delivery.

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