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Mr. Lyu Ke (Jack Lyu)

Member of the Supervisory Board

Born in 1968, Mr. Lyu holds a master's degree in information and electronics engineering from Zhejiang University, and an EMBA from China Europe International Business School. Mr. Lyu joined Huawei in 1993 and has served as a software engineer, project manager, Director of the Corporate Technical Cooperation Dept, Chief Operating Officer of Huawei Technologies India Private Limited (HTIPL), HR Director of R&D, President of the Human Resource Mgmt Dept, President of Huawei University, Lead of the Strategic Reserve, President of the Corporate Leadership Mgmt Dept, and Chairman of the Corporate Advisory Committee. Currently, Mr. Lyu serves as a member of the Supervisory Board, a member of the Supervisory Board Upper House, and the Leader of the Supervisory Board Upper House Secretary Team.

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