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Zhao Yue

With the approaching commercial 5G networks deployment, voice is still the essential service, which may lead to more coexistence of multiple voice networks. Operators need to deploy a convergent and simplified single voice core for 5G evolution, and enable more rich voice services in the future.

Join us for two days of deep-dive discussions and insights into how those at the forefront of the industry are preparing for the evolution to Vo5G and understand what you need to do to capitalize on the 5G opportunity.

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Speaker Gaozhiguo

Zhiguo Gao (George)

IMS Product Executive of Huawei Cloud Core

Speaker Chenliang

Liang Chen (Allen)

Chief Planning Expert Engineer of Huawei Signaling Dept


Operator opening address: The future of communications in the 5G era
The future 5G oriented single voice core
Devising a long-term voice evolution strategy
The future of communications over 5G networks
Networking Lunch, Hosted Lunch Tables & Product Demonstrations
Operator insight: An innovative partnership for RCS and VR deployment
Becoming the partner of choice for smart offices
Deploying Private LTE for enterprises
Voice and Advanced Communications Awards Ceremony
Networking DrinksNetworking Drinks Voice and Advanced Communications Awards Ceremony
Operator keynote: Maintaining network reliability at a time of transformation
Winning 5G network automation strategies
Building a Secure and Reliable 5G Signaling Network
The future of communication: one identity – multiple devises
Networking Lunch, Hosted Lunch Tables & Product Demonstrations
Launching seamless video communication with 5G
Security, analytics and insights on data-rich networks
Regulatory Measures & Standardization Perspective Tackling Voice & Advanced Communication Services