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Operations Transformation Forum 2022

Accelerating Digital Operations Transformation towards Business Success

March 1-2, 2022

Barcelona, Spain

Points of View

The new digitalization wave is approaching, calling for generational upgrades in multiple domains. Let’s work together to co-build industry standards, accelerate transformation practices and capture the new wave. Huawei Services strategy is to deliver warmth and professional services by bringing intelligent capabilities in every service process. ——Bill Tang, President, Global Technical Service, Huawei

The next wave of industry transformation is underway, and it will be the most disruptive yet. In this wave, zero-touch operations are critical to delivering the right experience at the right speed, cost and simplicity. It is time to make zero-touch operations a reality! ——Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum

Autonomous Networks fully utilize automation and intelligence to facilitate five 5G leadership practices: premium 5G, agile 5G, elastic 5G, intelligent 5G and green 5G. ——Zheng Jie, Director, China Mobile Group Chairman & CEO, China Mobile Zhejiang

GSMA Intelligence research shows the primary goal of a network transformation strategy is to improve customer experience (37%) or to genarate new revenues (36%). Accurate data can enable new services, drive marketing success, and increase revenus. ——Henry Calvert, Head of Networks, GSMA

A fully fledged Financial Services Provider - Payment, Financial Services and Digital Solutions, Giving access to the broadest ecosystem of seamlessly connected partners. ——Sitoyo Lopokoiyit, CEO, M-PESA

Carriers are investing in next generation OSS/BSS platforms with closed-loop control to effectively manage a surge of network data that is highly complex and of varying formats. To improve operational efficiency and gain actionable insights on network performance, carriers must automate the entire life cycle of services, with a real-time view of the network, to intelligently manage and reserve resources at the optimal location to guarantee service levels. ——Ahmad Latif Ali, Associate Vice President, European Telecommunications Insights, IDC

Four key areas becoming essential for 2022 and beyond, cloudification, B2B services, enhanced connectivity and sustainability. Autonomy playing a central role in advancing key transformation focus areas. ——Martin Creaner, Independent Consultant & Author of Transforming the Telco

DBS did not only digitally transformed the bank but revolutionised their industry. They drove digital to the core, became customer obsessed and created a start-up culture to be the world's best bank four years in a row. ——Robin Speculand, Global Pioneer and Specialist in Strategy & Digital Implementation, Bridges Business Consultancy Int

From Niche to Massive MVNO while Keeping NPS Leadership through 3 Key Elements: República Móvil exemplary integration; More universal, happy and fresh brand, boosted by customer satisfaction; Multichannel strategy (digital + retail). ——Enrique de Porres, CEO, Simyo Spain

Leading in 5G is the most efficient way to cope with expected mobile data growth while leading in customer experience. ——Josep Maria Rabés, Orange Spain Network Deployment Director

The introduction of 5G has given us a digital network foundation to solve the horizontal transportation automation challenges facing ports around the world. Without 5G, large-scale deployment of unmanned container trucks would be impossible. ——Li Yubin, Deputy General Manager, China Merchants Port Group Co., Ltd.

To Unleash the Power of Digital Operations Transformation, Huawei has introduced theB.O.X. code for the future Digiverse Journey and Best Practices. The B.O.X. code covers Agile Business, Intelligent O&M, Ultimate Experience and Smart Operations. ——Jacky Zhou, Vice President, Marketing and Solution, Huawei


Bill Tang

President of Global Technical Service Dept, Huawei

Nik Willetts

CEO, TM Forum

Zheng Jie

Board Member of China Mobile, President and Chairman of China Mobile Zhejiang

Henry Calvert

Senior Director, Group Technology, GSMA

Sitoyo Lopokoiyit


Ahmad Latif Ali

Associate Vice President, European Telecommunications Insights, IDC

Martin Creaner

Independent Consultant & Author of Transforming the Telco

Robin Speculand

Global Pioneer and Specialist in Strategy & Digital Implementation, Bridges Business Consultancy Int

Enrique de Porres

CEO, Simyo Spain

Josep Maria Rabés

Orange Spain Network Deployment Director

Li Yubin

Deputy General Manager, China Merchants Port Group Co., Ltd.

Jacky Zhou

Vice President, Marketing and Solution, Huawei


Bill Tang

Bill Tang

President of Global Technical Service, Huawei

On behalf of Huawei, I would like to invite you to the Operations Transformation Forum 2022 (OTF 2022) scheduled for March 1–2 in Barcelona, Spain.

Since 2014, the OTF has been dedicated to exploring the best practices for digital operations transformation with global carriers and our industry partners. With the advent of the digital era and the “new normal”, the way people work, learn and live has changed dramatically, while new network-based applications are rapidly emerging and seeing explosive growth. To seize and tackle the opportunities and challenges presented in this era, Huawei will continue to work with carriers and our partners to drive digital operations transformation and create ever greater value for the digital economy.

At OTF 2022, our theme will be "Accelerating Digital Operations Transformation towards Business Success". Huawei is inviting global leading operators, industry partners and organizations, and other top experts to come together to discuss the construction of the systematic capabilities required for digital operations transformation and the advancement of autonomous networks. We will also consider how to encourage digital intelligence to enable efficient, and high quality operations, as well as how to leverage both data and experience insights to grow the 5G user base. Finally, we will also explore how to continuously create new value through the construction of an agile operations system to incubate diverse digital services such as FinTech and intelligent customer service.

Huawei sincerely invites you to join us in bringing digital technologies, innovations and intelligence into every aspect of operations, to deliver all-new experiences and build a fully connected, intelligent world.

I look forward to seeing you in Barcelona.