HUAWEI CONNECT LIVE is the live streaming platform for HUAWEI CONNECT 2020 to provide you the latest information through four channels: Connect Now, Cloud & AI, Industrial Digital Transformation, and Intelligent Connectivity. You'll also find live content such as exclusive interviews with business leaders, technical experts, partners, and developers. Stay tuned!
  • Connect Now

    Connect Now

    Connect Now is a channel that collaborates with leading media outlets to create a series of high-quality programs. Here, we join hands with industry experts to present the highlights of the event from a unique perspective, and explain the cutting-edge trends and insights of digital transformation.
  • Cloud & AI

    Cloud & AI

    In the era where everything is connected with intelligence, technologies such as 5G, cloud, and AI will integrate with industries to unleash new potential. The Cloud & AI channel will present updates on HUAWEI CLOUD, computing, data storage, machine vision, and intelligent collaboration.
  • Industrial Digital Transformation

    Industrial Digital Transformation

    Moving towards the intelligent era, Huawei works with ecosystem partners to build the foundation of the digital world. We help customers transform their businesses with digital technology, enabling them to lead global technological innovation in their own industry. Together, we will make the intelligent world a reality.
  • Intelligent Connectivity

    Intelligent Connectivity

    In today's new era, new changes and challenges call for enhanced connectivity for industry digitization. To meet these needs, we are working with industry customers and partners to provide all industries with intelligent connectivity that features ubiquitous gigabit, deterministic experience, and hyperautomation.

Points of View

  • David Wang
    David Wang
    Executive Director, Chairman of the Investment Review Board, Huawei
  • Lv Yangming
    Lv Yangming
    President, Hybrid Cloud, Cloud BU, Huawei
  • Zheng Yelai
    Zheng Yelai
    President, Cloud BU, Huawei
  • Deng Taihua
    Deng Taihua
    President, Computing Product Line, Huawei
  • Wang Yaowen
    Wang Yaowen
    Deputy Director, Government Services Data Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
    With Shenzhen Intelligent Twins, we aim to build a smart city that is perceptive, conscious, evolvable, and familiar, a city that thrives with everyone living in it.
  • Hou Jinlong
    Hou Jinlong
    President, Cloud & AI BG, Huawei
  • Guo Ping
    Guo Ping
    Rotating Chairman, Huawei
  • Jia Yongli
    Jia Yongli
    President, AI Domain, Cloud BU, Huawei
  • Guo Ping
    Guo Ping
    Rotating Chairman, Huawei
  • Peng Zhongyang
    Peng Zhongyang
    Board Member, President of Enterprise BG, Huawei
  • Zhang Pingan
    Zhang Pingan
    President, Consumer Cloud Service, Consumer Business Group, Huawei
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  • Industries
    The dramatic progress of digital and intelligent transformation is creating value in all industries. We should work with other industries to seize this opportunity and achieve mutual success.


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