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Thrive with Digital, Striding Towards the Intelligent World

Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2023

19-20 April 2023    Shenzhen, China



Sabrina Meng

Deputy Chairwoman, Rotating Chairwoman, CFO, Huawei

Dr. Zhou Hong

President, Institute of Strategic Research, Huawei

Li Peng

Chief Expert of China Southern Power Grid Corporation, Managing Director of Digital Power Grid Group

Liang Yongji

Executive Director, Engineering & Technology, Airport Authority, Hong Kong

Liu Hong

Head of Technology, Greater China, GSMA

Charles Ross

Principal, Technology and Society, Economist Impact


About the Event

HAS 2023 is themed "Thrive with Digital, Striding Towards the Intelligent World". We will explore our vision for the intelligent world, built on technological advances that are taking productivity to entirely new levels. We will further delve into digital transformation and the new opportunities it presents for communities and industries around the world, as well as its crucial role in sustainable development.

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