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Product Safety Declaration

Huawei Declaration on Product Safety from Radioactive Contamination

Dear customers,

Soon after the accident of Fukushima nuclear power plant, Huawei assessed the potential of product radiation safety and immediately established an emergency response team. We developed a program to control materials and components to ensure there was no unusual radiation.

Although Huawei does not have any manufacturing facilities in Japan, we have taken below immediate actions with our suppliers to help circumvent the potential of unusual radioactive contamination to our products.

1. Testing of materials and components imported from Japan

Huawei has purchased radioactive contamination testing instruments to test materials and components directly imported from Japan. To date, no unusual radioactive contamination has been detected.

2. Testing of materials and components imported from other counties

For those materials and components imported from other countries - but with raw materials originating from Japan - Huawei added radiation safety testing into the incoming testing process. To date, no unusual radioactive contamination has been detected.

3. Radioactive contamination controls by suppliers

Huawei also contacted our suppliers that import materials or components directly or indirectly from Japan and required them to take actions including incoming and outgoing testing to ensure the radiation safety of the goods provided to Huawei.

In addition, China Customs are testing for potential radioactive contamination for goods imported from Japan.

We will continue to monitor the status and take further action when necessary to ensure that all products are safe for shipment. We hope that this update addresses any concerns that our customers may have at this time. We will provide additional information in the event of any further development.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

May 5, 2011