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Shareholders & Representatives

The Shareholders' Meeting, the company's authoritative body, comprises two shareholders: the Union and Mr. Ren Zhengfei.

The Representatives' Commission (the "Commission") is the organization through which the Union fulfills shareholder responsibilities and exercises shareholder rights. The Commission consists of no more than 115 representatives of shareholding employees ("Representatives") and exercises rights on behalf of all shareholding employees. In 2022, the Commission held one meeting. At the meeting, a new Supervisory Board was elected, resulting in a new set of regular and alternate members. The Commission also reviewed and approved the report from the Board of Directors on the company's financial and operating results, the work report from the Supervisory Board, and proposals for matters such as annual profit distribution and annual capital increases.

The Representatives and Alternate Representatives are elected by the shareholding employees with voting rights, and serve for a term of five years. In the event that there is a vacancy in the Commission, the Alternate Representatives shall take up the vacancy in a predetermined sequence.

The shareholding employees with voting rights elect the Commission on a one-vote-per-share basis, after which the Commission elects the company's Board of Directors and Supervisory Board on a one-vote-per-person basis. The Commission, along with the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board, decides on, manages, and monitors major company matters.

Members of the current Commission are:

Mr. Ren Zhengfei, Ms. Sun Yafang, Mr. Liang Hua, Mr. Guo Ping, Mr. Xu Zhijun, Mr. Hu Houkun, Ms. Meng Wanzhou, Mr. Yu Chengdong, Mr. Wang Tao, Mr. Xu Wenwei, Ms. Chen Lifang, Mr. Peng Zhongyang, Ms. He Tingbo, Mr. Li Yingtao, Mr. Yao Fuhai, Mr. Tao Jingwen, Mr. Yan Lida, Mr. Li Jie, Mr. Ren Shulu, Mr. Li Dafeng, Mr. Song Liuping, Mr. Tian Feng, Mr. Yi Xiang, Mr. Li Jianguo, Mr. Peng Bo, Ms. Zhao Minglu, Ms. Shi Yanli, Ms. Zhang Xiaoqing, Mr. Yang Shubin, Mr. Zou Zhilei, Mr. Lu Yong, Mr. Yang Yougui, Mr. Li Peng, Mr. Cao Jibin, Mr. Wu Weitao, Mr. Chen Hao, Mr. Wang Shengniu, Mr. Wang Jianfeng, Mr. Chen Lei, Mr. Wu Hui, Mr. Meng Ping, Mr. Lyu Ke, Mr. Jiang Xisheng, Mr. Pan Shaoqin, Mr. Jiang Yafei, Mr. Wang Weijian, Mr. Su Liqing, Mr. Luo Wencheng, Mr. Zhang Hongxi, Mr. Xiong Lening, Mr. Ying Weimin, Mr. Wu Kunhong, Mr. Wei Chengmin, Mr. Wu Qinming, Mr. Xie Guohui, Mr. Wang Kexiang, Mr. Tang Qibing, Mr. Sun Fuyou, Mr. Ma Yue, Mr. Zhou Jianjun, Mr. Xun Su, Mr. Lu Qi, Mr. Lin Baifeng, Mr. Shen Huifeng, Mr. Zheng Liangcai, Mr. Ma Qingqing, Mr. Wang Hua'nan, Mr. Bai Limin, Ms. Yang Li, Mr. Hou Jinlong, Mr. Hu Kewen, Mr. Zhang Shunmao, Mr. Zha Jun, Mr. Zhou Hong, Mr. Ma Haixu, Mr. Liu Shaowei, Mr. Tang Xinhong, Mr. Yang Chaobin, Mr. Gong Ti, Mr. Cai Changtian, Mr. Gao Ji, Mr. Xiong Yan, Mr. Wang Yixiang, Mr. Li Zhoujian, Mr. He Gang, Mr. Zhang Ping'an, Mr. Bian Honglin, Mr. Xu Qinsong, Mr. Li Xiaolong, Mr. Zhu Ping, Mr. Shao Yang, Mr. Zhu Yonggang, Mr. Chen Yue, Mr. Bai Yi, Mr. Wu Congcheng, Ms. Song Yanling, Mr. Zuo Defeng, Mr. Xia Jian, Mr. Wang Nanbin, Mr. Zheng Pingfang, Ms. Cao Yi, Mr. Ran Weidong, Mr. Du Yanxin, and Mr. Wang Yanmin.

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