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The company only exists to serve its customers. The purpose of growing our harvest and increasing the fertility of our soil is to better serve our customers. "Staying customer-centric and creating value for customers" are the company's common values. The conferment of authority is required to drive the facilitation and implementation of the company's common values. However, without effective controls in place, authority un-checked will ultimately hinder such common values. The company has a well-developed internal governance structure, under which all governance bodies have clear and focused authority and responsibility, but operate under checks and balances. This creates a closed cycle of authority and achieves rational and cyclical succession of authority.

The company's fate cannot be tied to any single individual and the governance bodies of the company shall follow a model of collective leadership. This collective leadership model is created upon common values, focused responsibility, democratic centralized authority, checks and balances, and growth by self-reflection.

In addition, the company stays customer-centric, inspires dedication, and continuously improves its governance structure, organizations, processes, and appraisal systems to sustain its long-term and profitable growth.

The Shareholders' Meeting, the company's authoritative body, decides on the company's major matters such as capital increases, profit distribution, and election of the members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board.

The Board of Directors (BOD) is the highest body responsible for corporate strategy, operations management, and customer satisfaction. The BOD's mission is to lead the company forward. It exercises decision-making authority for corporate strategy and operations management, and ensures customer and shareholder interests are protected.

The BOD and its Executive Committee are led by rotating chairs. During their term, each rotating chair serves as the foremost leader of the company.

As Huawei's highest oversight body, the Supervisory Board exercises the authority of oversight on behalf of the company's shareholders. Its core authorities are reflected in leader management, business reviews, and strategic vision.

KPMG has been Huawei's independent auditor since 2000. An independent auditor is responsible for auditing a company's annual financial statements. In accordance with applicable accounting standards and audit procedures, the independent auditor expresses an opinion as to whether the financial statements are true and fair.

corporate governance

As one of Huawei's core businesses, the ICT Infrastructure Business comprises the Carrier Business, the Enterprise Business, and ICT Infrastructure. By working on information distribution, interaction, transmission, processing, and storage, Huawei helps customers build CT and IT infrastructure with its leading, innovative products, solutions, and services.

  • In the carrier market, Huawei continuously innovates with leading carriers, to explore business scenarios and verify key technologies, thus helping carriers constantly enhance their core digital infrastructure capabilities, growing together with them in their new business domains, and serving as an enabler of carriers' digital and intelligent transformation.
  • In the enterprise market, Huawei works to build a "partner + Huawei" open cooperation system for NAs and the commercial and distribution segments. With a focus on industries' valued scenarios, Huawei provides integrated solutions to accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation of industries, and creates new value together with them.
  • ICT Infrastructure comprises Connectivity, Computing, Data Storage, and Carrier Software and Service. In Connectivity, Huawei proactively works with industry partners to define 5.5G and build leading, innovative network infrastructure based on wireless, optical, intelligent IP, and cloud core networks, as part of the effort to continuously drive the connectivity industry forward. In Computing, Huawei works alongside its partners around the world to develop digital infrastructure ecosystems based on Kunpeng, Ascend, and foundational software like Euler, CANN, and MindSpore, establishing the computing backbone for the digital world. In Data Storage, Huawei proactively embraces new media and new applications, and builds a secure, reliable, green, and efficient storage pedestal for a rich variety of application scenarios. In Carrier Software and Service, by focusing on the entire lifecycle of ICT infrastructure, including planning, construction, network O&M, optimization, and operations, Huawei works with its partners to deliver users better service experience and facilitate carrier and enterprise customers' business success.

The Consumer Business continues to put consumers at the center of everything it does. By focusing on quality products, the Consumer Business aims to create an inspired AI experience across all scenarios and build a brand that has a human touch and is liked and trusted by consumers. The Consumer Business also works to build a prosperous HarmonyOS ecosystem and achieve business success together with its partners.

Huawei Cloud Computing provides stable, reliable, secure, trustworthy, and innovative cloud services to customers. Huawei Cloud Computing aims to deliver Everything as a Service, accelerate intelligence, reshape industries, and build the cloud foundation for an intelligent world with ubiquitous cloud and pervasive intelligence.

Digital Power offers enterprise and industry customers products and solutions like smart PV, smart charging networks, data center facility, critical power supply, and DriveONE. Digital Power is committed to integrating digital and power electronics technologies to provide customers with high-quality, highly-efficient, green, and low-carbon power electronics products, facilitating customers' business success.

The Intelligent Automotive Solution Business has brought Huawei's expertise in ICT to the intelligent automotive sector, providing new components for intelligent connected vehicles and helping car OEMs build better vehicles with ICT technologies.

HiSilicon provides board-level chipsets and module solutions to sectors like smart devices, home appliances, and automotive electronics. It offers end-to-end technological capabilities like sensing, connectivity, computing, and display to help devices go digital, connected, intelligent, and low-carbon. Based on chipsets and components, HiSilicon works to empower connected smart devices, enable innovations across different sectors, and help customers achieve business success.

To gradually build a shared service platform to support the development of our multiple businesses and create an anchor for corporate policy execution, the company operates a Platform Coordination Committee. This committee is designed to drive group functions to optimize their execution and operations, simplify cross-function operations, and strengthen collaboration, so that group functions will become the best service organizations available to support and promote business operations. Group functions provide business support, services, and oversight. They are positioned to offer accurate, timely, and effective services to field offices and strengthen oversight while delegating sufficient authority to them.

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