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Research & Development

Huawei focuses on three domainsfully-connected networks, intelligent computing, and innovative devicesand continues to invest in products, technologies, basic research, and engineering capability improvement. We aim to support customers in their digital transformation and lay the cornerstone of an intelligent world. We branch out into multiple paths in multiple waves and across multiple scenarios, building continuous leadership in solution competitiveness.

Commitment to Overcoming Technical Bottlenecks: Develop Leading ICT Infrastructure Solutions to Deliver Ubiquitous Connectivity

Wireless Networks

In this domain, we made breakthroughs thanks to a consistent focus on innovation. To be specific, we:


As part of smart-city infrastructure, Huawei PoleStar2.0 supports a diverse range of services from just a single pole, including 5G mobile communications, smart lighting, smart surveillance, Internet of Things (IoT), smart environmental protection, and city news.

Carrier and Enterprise Networks

In this domain:


In this domain, we are dedicated to building a cloud-native, open, and agile operating software platform, which will help carriers go digital faster. Specifically, we: 

Cloud Core Networks

In this domain, we:

Diverse Computing Architectures and Pervasive Intelligence

In the cloud computing domain, we released an industry- leading solutionHUAWEI CLOUD Stack Full-Stack Hybrid Cloud. This solution:

In the cloud service domain, we:

In the intelligent computing domain, we:

In the storage domain, we:

In the network energy domain, where data centers are becoming large and highly dense, we:

In the intelligent video and data analytics domain, we:

Chip-Device-Cloud Synergy Creates an Intelligent and Personalized Experience Across All Scenarios

In the smartphone domain, Huawei unveiled the HUAWEI Mate 20 Series intelligent phones.

In the PC domain, we unveiled our MateBook X Pro, a star product. Defining features of this new laptop include:

In the tablet domain, we debuted the HUAWEI MediaPad M5.

In the smart wearable domain, we unveiled the HUAWEI WATCH GT.

Huawei Mobile Services complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all other applicable laws and regulations. We adopt differential privacy technology and hold the protection of user privacy as our paramount principle. In 2018:

Driving Industry Development Through Exploration and Breakthroughs in Basic Research

In network theory research, we proposed theoretical challenges in rolling out future networks based on our vision of a digital and intelligent future. These challenges include:

In network technology research, we:

In optical network research, we:

In advanced wireless network research, we:

In research of future data centers, we:

During research into quantum computing, we unveiled HiQ, an industry-leading cloud service platform. HiQ includes a quantum computing simulator and a quantum programming framework on the simulator.


In the AI domain, we’ve made breakthroughs in both algorithms and theoretical research:

In basic AI research:

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