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Openness, Collaboration, and Shared Success

Building a digital, intelligent world takes joint effort. To this end, Huawei believes in the power of dissolving boundaries and working together to build an ecosystem that thrives on shared success. By advancing the development of the digital world – and by extension, an intelligent world – we can bring the benefits of digital life to everyone.

Ecosystem and Industry Development: Our Principles

Huawei’s focus on ICT infrastructure and intelligent devices is the foundation of a fertile business environment that integrates information technology, automation, and intelligence. This environment helps enrich our partners’ content, applications, and clouds, so they can serve their customers better. When it comes to ecosystem and industry development, we have three guiding principles:

Key Progress and Industry Value

On the industry front, Huawei actively contributes to a wide range of standards organizations, industry alliances, and open source communities to advance ICT and expand its market potential.

On the business front, we form and engage in open enablement platforms and business alliances that revolve around our customers’ business needs. We work together with ecosystem partners on open innovation projects to speed up the development of customized solutions, helping our customers consolidate their strengths in digital transformation and succeed in their business pursuits.

On the national front, we work across public and private sectors in countries around the globe, providing insight into how new advances in technology like 5G, IoT, and cloud can help galvanize the economy.

1. Standards organizations: Building on our technological strengths in key domains, we actively contribute to standards organizations, where we promote unified, mature standards and act to prevent adverse fragmentation of the industry. In 2017, some of our core contributions include:

In 2017, we submitted more than 5,000 standards proposals, for a cumulative total of 54,000. Examples include recommendations for new technologies, including VPN+, 50GE, FlexE 2.0, 25G PON, and CloudCO to organizations such as IETF, IEEE, OIF, and BBF.

2. Industry alliances: Building on our vision for the industry, we actively promote, form, and run industry alliances to drive alignment, develop the industry, and grow its market potential. In 2017, some of our key initiatives include:

3. Open source communities: We embrace open source, actively contributing to mainstream open source foundations and communities, where we promote community integration, accelerate open innovation, and drive ecosystem development. Activities in 2017 include:

4. Technological innovation: Through open innovation projects, closer collaboration with industry and academia, and active cultivation of ICT talent, we are laying a solid foundation for the digital and intelligent world. These efforts include:

5. Developer ecosystem: We are constantly honing our open platform capabilities to enable the growth of all things in the digital world, connect the last mile, and enrich customer solutions, applications, and services. 2017 progress includes:

6. Business alliances: We develop customer-facing business solutions together with our partners. 2017 landmarks include:

7. Government advisory: We help drive economic growth with new technology.

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