Huawei Partnered with SDA Bocconi to Increase Female Participation in Digital Economy in Italy

The ‘Tech With Her’ initiative is aimed at young female students as well as professionals from SMEs and Public Administrations with the aim of creating greater awareness on the importance of digital and providing the necessary skills to actively contribute to it

On February 22nd 2022, Huawei Italy and SDA Bocconi School of Management jointly launched the Tech with Her initiative which is designed for women of all ages, including students and professionals working in public administrations and small and medium sized enterprises. The initiative offers a series of free training sessions aiming at closing the gender gap in the digital economy.

gender gap,digital economy

The first Tech with Her workshop on Digital Awareness was held online on March 7th with more than 120 female students from all over the world. During the on-boarding session, the Scientific Director of the initiative Professor Greta Nasi from Bocconi University, the Parliament Member from Chamber of Deputies Hon. Enza Bruno Bossio, and Berta Herrero Estalayo, Head of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion at Huawei Brussels’s Office, all gave inspiring speeches to empower young girls. In the following days, seven sessions focused on the hottest digital topics (Science, Technology and Women in Innovation, Trends in technology and digital transformation, Data Science and Machine Learning, Big Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Myth and reality of AI) were given by Bocconi Professors. Also women professionals who had achieved success in their career participated as speakers to support the initiative, such as Laura Morgagni from Torino Wireless, Selene Giupponi from Women4Cyber and Giulia Pastorella from Milan Municipality. By the end of the workshop, 85 students attended more than five sessions out of the total and received a certificate marking course completion issued by Bocconi University.

gender gap,digital economy

On June 23rd and 24th, the second Tech with Her workshop took place offline at the new Bocconi University Campus. This second workshop, named Digital Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges, is dedicated to working women across all ages coming from small and medium sized enterprises. It was designed to let participants be more aware of the digitalization. At the opening speech, Valentina Picca Bianchi, President of MISE Women Enterprises Committee and President of FIPE Women Group, Professor Greta Nasi from Bocconi University, and Fabio Romano, Head of Industrial Ecosystem at Huawei Italy, shared their view on the importance of digital transformation and explained how female professionals working in SMEs can contribute more to this trend. During the two-day workshop, Professors from SDA Bocconi and speakers from Nexi and Anothereality carried out a series of sessions on Digital Transformation for SMEs, AI, IoT & Cyber Security, Blockchain & Digital Asset, Metaverse & Virtual Transformation, Management of Digital Projects. More than 25 female managers from different industries participated in the workshop.

The next Tech with Her workshop will take place in November and it will be addressed to women working in public administrations. Stay tuned!

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