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Building Premium Private Lines with All Optical Networks

As a next-generation optical network, Optical Networking 2.0 (ON2.0) enables high-quality private lines featuring guaranteed bandwidth, low latency, high availability, and fast service provisioning. It helps carriers build OTN premium private lines, providing superb service experience and obtaining higher market premium.

By Simon Lu, President of Huawei Transmission Network Domain

As the 5G era unfolds, fixed networks are also heralding the era of Fifth Generation Fixed Network (F5G). The combination of F5G and 5G will accelerate the movement towards a fully connected, intelligent world. By 2025, there will be 100 billion connected devices in the world and 30% of homes will enjoy gigabit broadband. The number of 5G users will reach 1.3 billion and 5G networks will cover 58% of the world's population. Around 337 million people will use VR/AR, while the percentage of companies using AR/VR will increase to 10%. It is also expected that all enterprises will adopt cloud services, 85% of enterprise applications will be deployed on the cloud, and 180 zettabytes will be generated each year. 

Premium private line

The explosive growth of innovative 2C, 2H, and 2B services is driving carriers to accelerate full-service deployment. However, this explosive growth also poses greater challenges to bearer networks. Compared with 4G, 5G requires a 10-fold increase in network bandwidth, connections, and availability and a 90% decrease in latency, packet loss, and service provisioning time. Additionally, in the 2B field, business private lines will be the best method for carriers to penetrate the enterprise market, considering the all-out cloud migration of government and enterprise services. Therefore, in addition to offering secure, reliable, and carrier-class network services, providing one-stop, self-service, agile, and intelligent cloud & network bundled services will become a key competitiveness of carriers in cloud services.

The near-obsolete and segmented point-to-point dump pipes of optical networks provide only physical connections and are unable to meet the transmission requirements of new services in the 5G era. How we transform from connection-centric dumb pipes to experience-centric service transmission networks has become a major concern for carriers.

Optical Networking 2.0: Building an All-optical Service Transmission Network

Huawei, as a global partner, is committed to building a world-leading all-optical network solution and working with upstream and downstream players to promote the prosperity of the optical network industry. To address these challenges, Huawei has launched the Optical Networking 2.0 (ON 2.0) solution, which enables new speed, new sites, and new smart O&M to promote the evolution of the all-optical network industry, helping carriers build all-optical service transmission networks and provide superb service experience.

All-Optical Service Transmission Networks Driving Business Success

In the ON 2.0 era, optical networks will evolve from infrastructure networks to service transmission networks, and more innovative services based on optical networks will emerge in the future. High-quality OTN government and enterprise private lines will be an important service of carriers. Huawei's OTN premium private line solution provides a superb experience and builds differentiated competitiveness, helping carriers generate greater profit by leveraging the following aspects:

Accelerating Joint Innovation of ON 2.0 

Huawei has been at the forefront of transforming industries and promoting the industrial application of ON 2.0. Huawei has also helped carriers innovate their business models in many new fields to maximize their business value. 

Looking to the future, Huawei is also working with the world's leading carriers to explore service scenarios for next-generation optical networks, launching NetCity joint innovation projects and using DevOps to quickly implement solutions that help carriers maximize business value. We believe that ON 2.0 will lead the global optical network industry into a new era. Huawei will work with carriers and industry partners around the world to jointly usher in a new era of optical networks and build a fully connected, intelligent world.