What is Huawei’s response to Australia’s ban on Huawei 5G network equipment?

The Australian government's decision to block Huawei from the country’s 5G roll-out is politically motivated, not the result of a fact-based, transparent, or equitable decision-making process. It is not aligned with the long-term interests of the Australian people, and it denies Australian businesses and consumers the right to choose from the best communications technology available.

A non-competitive market will raise the cost of network construction and have lasting effects on Australia's transition to a digital economy. In the end, everyday businesses and consumers are the ones who will suffer the most from the government's actions.

In fact, evidence of this is already being seen with the cancellation of the country’s fourth mobile network. TPG Telecom puts the blame firmly on the government’s decision to ban Huawei as the sole reason and cites the increased costs and added complexities of using other vendors.

For any country, fair and robust market competition is essential to strong economic growth. The Australian government's actions undermine the principles of competition and non-discrimination in trade. The government has not identified any specific concerns about Huawei's governance, security, or suitability to safely and securely conduct business in Australia, so we’ve been given nothing to respond to.