Global MBB Forum 2021

5Grows Together

OCT 13 - 14 , 2021

Dubai, UAE


The 12th Global Mobile Broadband Forum hosted by Huawei with our industry partners GSMA, GTI, and SAMENA Council, will be held on October 13 and 14, 2021 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

The 2021 forum offers an opportunity for the mobile and adjacent vertical ecosystems to reconnect, rebuild, and reimagine a fully connected, intelligent world. With the strongest speaker line-up and innovative product launches, the mobile ecosystems are back together to explore how mobile broadband technology is shaping the future and continuing to transform people's lives and industries.

Topics currently under discussion with global partners range from maximizing the potential of 5G, including industry use cases and applications, to advancing the mobile future. This year's forum will be a hybrid physical and virtual event, heralding a new era of connectivity and collaboration for the mobile ecosystem.

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Why Attend

5G Innovates for Good, and Grows Together!

MBBF 2021

Join Us on Our Dubai 5G Journey

  • Inspiration: Get Invaluable Insights from 5G Pioneers, Today and Tomorrow

  • Vision: Announce the Latest Megatrends of Mobile Industry and 5G

  • Innovation: Find Out All-New Wireless Products and Solutions of the Year

  • Showcase: Come and See Who's Taken the Lead Towards a Successful 5G Rollout

  • Multi-Win: Get in the Action with Innovative 5G toC, toB, and toH Applications

  • Trendsetting: Monetize Your Business Through Optimal 5G Spectrum, Green 5G, 5G Autonomous Network, FWA, Microwave, Sub-3GHz Evolution and More

  • Immersion: Join In the Forum Onsite + Online with Multi-Lingual Livestreams

  • Engagement: Dialogue with Industry Insiders, Partners, and CXOs


Ken Hu

Rotating Chairman, Huawei

Ryan Ding

Executive Director, President of the Carrier BG, Huawei

David Wang

Executive Director, President of ICT Products & Solutions, Huawei

Yang Chaobin

President of Wireless Solution, Huawei

Bocar A. BA.



Industry Partners

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