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Huawei Cyber Security White Paper (Sep 2012)

21st century technology and security - a difficult marriage

This document provides an open and frank perspective of Huawei’s viewpoints regarding cyber security and the overall ramifications and impact it has on technology, society and our daily life. 

Within this document we provide an overview of the current state of cyber security in terms of historical context, the players, and the unique challenges that the ever-expanding global supply chain poses for all of us.

Included is an overview of the Huawei approach to the cyber security and global supply chain challenge and suggestions for how to address these concerns in a proactive and pragmatic way across our industry. Without a doubt, the need for ongoing transparency and an even-handed partnering approach across our industry to proactively manage cyber security and global supply chain risk mitigation is required between both the public and private sectors.

As a global company, Huawei is dedicated to closely collaborating, innovating and establishing international standards with other global organisations to ensure that the integrity and security of the networked solutions and services we provide meets or exceeds the needs of our customers and provides the assurance confidence required by their own customers. This document represents one step to improve industry awareness of our own global efforts to ensure a secure and better cyber future for all of us and to present our view on actions companies and governments need to carry out to manage the global cyber security challenge.

Huawei Cyber Security White Paper (Sep. 2012) (PDF 4.3M)

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